[KVM] Fedora CoreOS Simple Local Deployment #0


Fedora CoreOS is an awesome Linux operating system. Fedora CoreOS is an immutable OS excluding the /var and /etc paths, both of which can be modified. While /home exists, it's a symlink that point to /var/home. To configure Fedora CoreOS the way we want it, we can use the ignition Config File.


To follow along with this walk through you need

Ignition Config

  • The Ignition Config can be used to provision a Fedora CoreOS system.
  • It is run only once at boot
  • It can be used to configure things like storage and filesystems, systemd units, and users. This means that we can
    • run podman systemd units on startup to run containers. This alone gives us almost endless possibilities!
    • we can setup files and folders on the system. For example, our application can be configured through a config file config.yaml which needs to be placed in /etc/<app>/config.yaml, we can defiine this in the ignition config.

Learn more about the ignition config here


For a quick setup to see the workflow of the deployment, let's create a directory and write a butane config to acheive a simple task.

Project Setup

first let's create a directory using mkdir -p /home/Documents/fcos

Butane Config

we can now create a butane file at /home/Documents/fcos/config.bu. For now, let's copy the sample config file provided at butane config

variant: fcos
version: 1.5.0
    - name: core
        - ssh-rsa <your-public-ssh-key>

This config file creates a user core and sets the public key for who is allowed to login as this user using ssh.

Simple deployment

Steps needed for a simple deployment include

  1. creating a butane config file (a more human readable ignition config)
  2. convert the butane file into an ignition config file
  3. launch a Fedora CoreOS system with the defined config.

we can create a short bash script to automatically convert the butane.bu file to an ignition config file and then run the system.


# path to butane config

podman run --interactive --rm quay.io/coreos/butane:release \
       --pretty --strict < ${BUTANE_CONFIG} > /home/Documents/fcos/transpiled_config.ign


# for x86/aarch64:
IGNITION_DEVICE_ARG="-fw_cfg name=opt/com.coreos/config,file=${IGNITION_CONFIG}"

qemu-kvm -m 2048 -cpu host -nographic -snapshot \
  -drive if=virtio,file=${IMAGE} ${IGNITION_DEVICE_ARG} \
  -nic user,model=virtio,hostfwd=tcp::2222-:22

save the file to /home/Documents/fcos/run.sh. run the script to run Fedora CoreOS. we can then ssh into the instance using the command ssh core@localhost -p 2222.

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