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Viruses, are you sure?

Virologists, I dare you to prove that the method you're using is not creating the same particles that you claim to be viruses. Do control experiments without infectious material but use the same method of starving and intoxicating the cells. If you're able to see a difference and you've isolated the "Virus", then sequence a COMPLETE genome of it, not using the assembly method of small fragments and filling gaps with invented sequences. Then again if you're able to do this, prove that this "Virus" is CAUSING the sickness according to Koch's postulates. We're waiting ...

Now to Health.
If there is sickness, first make sure that it isn't caused by:

  • Toxic material in Environment, Food, Water, Medication ...
  • Lack of nutrients like minerals, vitamins etc Caused by: Lack of fresh vegetables
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Fear, stress - TV news
  • Doctors using pharmaceuticals

Should the illness still be there once you've corrected above and balanced your life, look at the real cause for it with the help of a holistic doctor and other professional practitioners.

Remember, the "One sickness, One cause, One medication" is a profit-oriented sentence from the pharma industry. The cause of imbalance in our life namely illness might be multiple and take some time to flatten out.

Finished reading this on your computer, tablet or phone? Turn it off and go for a walk. The joy you get by looking at the spring flowers is more healing than online distraction (including this post).

Go heal yourself!

QR - Questionable Reality

QR – for Quick Response code or in my view, Questionable Reality.
Every religion is linked to a symbol. The symbol is then used by the followers as a validation of their conviction. The symbol is used as a weapon to destroy those who dare question the one and only truth. In the end the symbol becomes more important than the philosophy that lead to the creation of the religion.

The duality of right or wrong kills all the shades between.

Be careful or you get trapped in this code like Minotaur of Crete was trapped in the labyrinth.

Once you agree to use it, by a simple gesture of showing a QR code linked certificate, you open the door to the labyrinth.
Will you be able to find the exit? And if so, will you be able to recollect your soul that you had to leave at the entrance?

The entrance that seems to lead to freedom.
Entranced you’ve become to believe that this two-dimensional maze is freedom.

You, without soul enter the dome liberated from state implemented judgement; or so you’ve been told.

Once you open that container that seemingly holds all gifts, you’re doing no different to Pandora.
Once you crossed the threshold, there will be no return.
Turn and you will see that you haven’t entered a dome but doom.

But then it will be too late.
Food for Asterion shall be your fate.


As long as the consciousness is stuck in the belief that an external danger is causing a disease, the human will not be able to act responsibly and taking care of its health and well-being.


There is no shortcut in life.

When you are drawn to design your view of the world on canvas; it takes more than a weekends course to learn the skill.
When you want to use a musical instrument to bring the listener into resonance with the harmony of the divine expression; it takes your whole youth to learn the skill.
When you want to express who you are by using your human form in perfect balance, harmony and health; it takes your whole life to master.

There is no shortcut in life.
There is no weekend course that gives you the certificate of mastery.
There is no pill that gives you health.

If the effort is effort, then you might want to question why you want to do it.
If the effort is dedication, then there's no more effort and every part of it will already have the taste of what you believe is the final stage.

Similar to a holographic recording, the whole is already present in every part of it. When a photograph is cut in half, each piece shows half of the scene. When a hologram is cut in half, the whole scene can still be seen in each piece.

It's like Michelangelo said: “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

You are already perfect, you already have the wisdom, you just have to chisel away what's hindering the full divine expression. That said, the block of marble is already beautiful and has the same value as the final sculpture; because it has the potential to reveal the sculpture within.

Dedication is your tool and companion.

Please read the definition of the word dedication.

If you know someone who owns and plays a Stradivari violin, then you know how much attention and affection goes into making sure that the precious instrument is having the best condition that is beneficial for it. This is not the guarantee that the music will be harmonious but without the balanced environment, the instrument will not resonate with the intention of the virtuous.
So too, you want to take care of your instrument, your physical presence. Seek balance and harmony in your life. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, chew well, drink pure water and move your body every day.

If you put as much time and attention into your well-being as you do to read this article then you can be sure that your body and mind will handle with ease any external situation.

Be healthy and be well.
Be the well that will replenish the thirsty beings around you.

Now it's time to turn off the device you're using, go for a walk and smile at your fellow humans.

Be well.

An ode to life

An ode to life

Mitochondrion, an organelle in the cell. Without it, we would have no energy to live; without it, life as we know it would not exist. The most accepted thesis about its origin is that of a bacterium living in symbiosis within the cell. A bacterium, isn’t that dangerous? No, it’s not.

Birth, from a nearly sterile environment to a place full of life. During a natural birth process, the baby will absorb many bacteria and other microorganisms. Isn’t that dangerous? No, it’s not. Babies born through caesarean section will not absorb as much of the mother's microorganisms and show later in life a weaker immune system and are therefore more often sick.

Children growing up on a farm are in contact with many more microorganisms, like bacteria, fungi, viruses, as the children growing up in a more sterile environment in the city. Isn’t that dangerous? No, it’s not. The children in a more dirty environment have fewer allergies in adult life than the ones growing up in clean surroundings.

From life, through life, to life. The more diverse the micro biome in and on us is, the healthier we are. Let’s have a look at how it works in farming. A monoculture needs many pesticides and other treatments to avoid the loss of the whole crop. The more varied the culture, the less chemical intervention is needed. To a point, like in permaculture, where the balance in nature is so perfect that all living parts have a chance to thrive, without one taking over. It’s a community.

The skin flora protects the skin from sickness. Harmful bacteria or viruses will be kept in such low counts that they cannot do any harm. The more varied the skin microbiota is the healthier the skin. Why would you want to destroy this with alcohol or other disinfectant agents? Wouldn’t this be dangerous? Yes, it would.

The gut flora makes digestion possible. Without the whole panoply of the microorganisms living inside of us, we could not live. The more varied the gut microbiota is the healthier we are, the better our immune system works, the happier we feel. A potentially harmful bacterium or virus cannot do any harm. The community of bacteria, fungi and viruses will balance it out. Why would you want to destroy this by taking antibiotics? Wouldn’t this be dangerous? Yes, it would.

During our childhood and later life, we learn so many things. We learn to interact within our world. We learn to adapt, we learn to cope and have an infinite pool of wisdom and knowledge at our disposal. The more varied our knowledge and the live experience is the better we can interact within our world. A potentially harmful concept cannot take our mind over. The multitude of experiences and concepts will balance it out. Why would you want to believe only in one truth? Wouldn’t that be dangerous? Yes, it would.

The worlds we inhabit are so vast that we cannot apprehend the magnitude of them. What we don’t know, we fear. Why should we? As biology shows us, the symbiotic community will balance things out. There is nothing to fear, there is NO thing to be afraid of. The organic being is not composed of a digital code, the organic being is not good or bad, the organic being has a multitude of possibilities. A forest untouched by a human hand will self-regulate perfectly. There is no sickness ravaging a whole species, there is no danger taking over. Let’s step back into this forest of life. Let’s trust again the organic intelligence.

We are alive. We have a life worth living. Whatever obstacle or danger might catch our eye, don’t worry, the symbiotic community within and without will balance it out.

Seek the fullness, seek the variety, seek the communion with all-natural aspects of life. There is no need to hide, no need to protect, no need to avoid. But there is a need to touch, a need to taste, a need to embrace.

And when the physical form is reabsorbed into the forest ground, the spirit lives on. The memory is shared, the presence is felt, the souvenir is tangible. The thought of the unknown journey towards the life below the roots of trees might trigger fear. Don’t be afraid, nature’s intelligence will take care of everything. All experiences, feelings, thoughts and expressions are part of the big whole that make out what we are. Death is as much part of life as is life itself. Physical distance, as painful as it may be, gives place to another level of closeness.

Each tear that hits the ground will nurture a seed to sprout.

A new beginning. A new cell; and inside this cell is a mitochondrion. Together with other mitochondria. They are part of us. We are part of others. Each time you smile, part of you stays with the observer. Each time you express life, part of it will ripple through the community.

Live, smile, thrive - you are alive.


The Forest

The Forest

One word but not one thing.

We talk about "The Forest" but do we really know what it encompasses?
Not only one thing but a superorganism, a perfect symbiosis of trees, bushes, plants, animals and below the surface an even bigger diversity of fungi, worms, insects and other organisms. At a microscopic level, you'll find tiny beings and very tiny bacteria. All is connected with a huge network of mycelia, the part of mushrooms living below, and a tapestry of roots that encompasses a vibrant community of beings. Beings that are living with each other, beings that depend on each other. Internal chemical reactions and external wind, water and fire from the sun keep them steady on this earth, steady but not stiff, ever-changing, ever adapting - living.

As this abstract word, Forest, we humans are the same. Not only are we connected cells, even within every cell we have microorganisms, mitochondria, that are integrated organisms with their own DNA that have a similar genome like the one from bacteria. Everywhere on our body we are covered by a multitude of known and unknown microbes, namely bacteria, fungi and others.

This skin flora protects us every day. In our digestive system, especially in our gut, we have about 100 billion microorganisms, that's about 1 kg of our body weight up to now only 1000 different species have been identified. Without them we would immediately die. They protect us, they are part of the digestion, they are part of our immune system, they are influencing our thoughts and habits. Take good care of your tiny helpers, eat healthy plant-based food, avoid chemicals like pesticides, medication and most importantly antibiotics. It is in our human nature to try to find ONE culprit, ONE cause for sickness. With observation of the superorganism that we are, how could we think that ONE microbe can cause the whole system to collapse? It seems to me a rather stupid theory (it is still a theory, not proven).

By destroying the flora with medication, antibiotics and disinfectants, you destroy the first barrier of your immune system, the living symbiosis of your tiny helpers. Observe the nature, depending on the environment the expression of nature takes place, different plants, animals and organisms will appear depending on the soil. You wouldn't use the flame thrower to get rid of ONE invasive weed, but you would think about what is lacking that the other plants cannot create the biodiversity that offers life to everyone.

Forest of life that we are, too complex to understand, too complex to apprehend - how dare you believing that a single drug might bring health. The only health a pill brings is the healthy bank account of a pharmaceutical enterprise. Life cannot be treated by death. A healthy person is a superorganism that allows every part of it to thrive. That tends to the garden of tiny creatures, protects them from harming chemicals and gives them a big variety of natural food.

In a documentary, a Connecticut nun, Sister Noella Marcellino, who used to make cheese according to a French peasant recipe, letting the milk sour in wooden barrels rather than the stainless steel commonly used today. After a general outbreak of listeria in the area, health inspectors told her she had to stop using wood. The levels of E. coli in her finished cheeses spiked immediately. Using slick steel instead of porous wood may feel like the hygienic choice in food manufacturing, but it was the bacteria living on the surface of the wood itself, that kept her original cheese E. coli-free. (ref "Cooked" by Michael Pollan)

Don't be afraid of microbes, fear will change the milieu and might be one of the causes for sickness rather than the ONE "bad" microbe. Feed your microbes, love them and take good care of them; without them you wouldn't be alive. Why aren't we told this more often you might ask? ONE culprit, ONE sickness, ONE medication is the simpleton’s answer to a very profitable approach to the "health" system we see established.

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Journey back to the source

No matter how strong the
torrents are
Induced manipulation
conditioned Riverbanks
shaped for profit

One direction

No matter is as heavy
as the sludge
churned up from the riverbed
hindering sight and orientation
troubled in direction

Muscles weak
to face the masses


Memories awaken
knowledge, relaxation

choosing to turn


Surrender to the flow
turbulence create a vacuum
Effortless but steady
steering back to source

The current is strong
by now aligned to perfection
to the power
pulling back to destiny

Predicted by biology
I followed urge to victory

Movement, reflection
next to me
Observed I’ve been
and followed

I turned and asked:
“Why do you follow me?”

“Trail, you create by living
aiding me to move with ease. If for change you want to
follow me, do so as you please.”

Dance of community
reflection of action


Within the stream
shaped and structured
by man
Lives the fabric from the source

Invisible to most
hidden by its banality
common as a droplet of water

Yet so powerful that
the hottest sun is reflected
on the surface of a silent lake

Slender legs with tiny hairs
stride on surface

Walk on water

The calling to move upstream
echoes in mind

How long until we’re there?
How far is destiny?

Common as a droplet of water

not far, nor close
Unenclosed, unhindered, unlimited

If every drop is from the source
shaped by acquired perception
Surrounded, aligned, connected
to source I am


the origin of all that is

I am there
but going there



From deep in the earth, the pure white bitter sap rises to bring forth a reflection of the sun, bright yellow in appearance and honey sweet in perfume, the flowers attract the busy and persistent bee that transforms the offerings into a sweet reserve for the new generation and by doing so, allows the flower to transform into a moon similar seedhead. The element of wind comes into interaction and lifts off one seed after the other; the pappus looks like an ethereal parachute and its structure is in perfect harmony to the actions of the wind, adapted for longer travels if some larvae nibble on the roots.

Dandelion, a common plant that shows its teeth as a friendly welcome to the conscious traveller. All elements united in its being, it sits deeply anchored in the earth, the hydraulic power of growth can lift heavy stones and other obstacles of civilisation. Perfect adaptation to the environment allows this fellow being to be seen everywhere. It’s not for nothing that the previously called Leontodon seeks out closeness to us humans. Our appreciation is returned to us thousandfold by providing us with food, medicine and indulgence. The closest friends of the ever so common Swine Snout may remember the magic it offers us as children. The pure joy of blowing off the seeds and later the discovery how to use the hollow stem to build long water pipes to play with and also to use it as a flute.

As wisdom grows in us, we see it reflected in the outer world; the exceptional beauty of a dandelion field is food for our soul. Only those who are humble enough will kneel down and are bestowed with the sweetest perfume this being has to offer.

It should be an inspiration to us to also grow strong roots in our endeavours before we try to reach the skies. Let our leaves of knowledge grow and to leave them as nourishment to the ones that comes after us. Not without showing the teeth for both, warding off intrusive fellow humans and as a welcoming smile. Whilst the buds are nowhere near the extravagant beauty of the flower in full bloom, it has already every little detail within. Don’t rush to open the petals but allow building all to perfection before anybody can see it from the outer world. This caper-like package of concentrated self is easily balanced on the growing stem and can reach whatever height is needed for it to fulfil its mission. During the process of growth, the green is blending in with the background, so perfectly that the observer’s attention is drawn elsewhere. Only when the full potential has been reached the natural gift can be shared with the world. The glory is very intense but also very short in time, as its reason is not the attention of the admirer but just a natural step in the pursuit of the progression. When the time is right, the seed of the steady effort is handed over to the wind; in absolute trust that the intelligence behind the wind will lift it to where it needs to be. What is left behind is no longer of importance and will be reabsorbed by mother earth.

Think of this remarkable life when you use the flower buds as capers, when you cut the leaves to make a healthy salad, when you use the flowers to make honey and when you roast the dried roots to prepare a healthy coffee.

Yes or No

Yes or no, good or bad, black or white, it is sad to observe how our society is being polarised into two artificial sides.

A sterile mainstream thought that can be manipulated into public shaming of the other side. Just a few months ago, the other side was the sane part of society, those who lived without fear-induced anxieties, those who knew that the intelligence of nature encompasses all living things and that we couldn't live without our biome.

The same are now dammed, named as covidiots, maskholes and I wouldn't wonder if soon an apparition of signs like triple dots, coloured triangles or superimposed triangles are used to brand mark those of free thought and speech.

By the risk of being put into that group, I refuse to answer a yes-or-no question, as I strongly believe that the world we live in is not black or white and the wide array of the colours of the rainbow cannot be described in binary thought.