Journey back to the source

No matter how strong the
torrents are
Induced manipulation
conditioned Riverbanks
shaped for profit

One direction

No matter is as heavy
as the sludge
churned up from the riverbed
hindering sight and orientation
troubled in direction

Muscles weak
to face the masses


Memories awaken
knowledge, relaxation

choosing to turn


Surrender to the flow
turbulence create a vacuum
Effortless but steady
steering back to source

The current is strong
by now aligned to perfection
to the power
pulling back to destiny

Predicted by biology
I followed urge to victory

Movement, reflection
next to me
Observed I’ve been
and followed

I turned and asked:
“Why do you follow me?”

“Trail, you create by living
aiding me to move with ease. If for change you want to
follow me, do so as you please.”

Dance of community
reflection of action


Within the stream
shaped and structured
by man
Lives the fabric from the source

Invisible to most
hidden by its banality
common as a droplet of water

Yet so powerful that
the hottest sun is reflected
on the surface of a silent lake

Slender legs with tiny hairs
stride on surface

Walk on water

The calling to move upstream
echoes in mind

How long until we’re there?
How far is destiny?

Common as a droplet of water

not far, nor close
Unenclosed, unhindered, unlimited

If every drop is from the source
shaped by acquired perception
Surrounded, aligned, connected
to source I am


the origin of all that is

I am there
but going there


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