From deep in the earth, the pure white bitter sap rises to bring forth a reflection of the sun, bright yellow in appearance and honey sweet in perfume, the flowers attract the busy and persistent bee that transforms the offerings into a sweet reserve for the new generation and by doing so, allows the flower to transform into a moon similar seedhead. The element of wind comes into interaction and lifts off one seed after the other; the pappus looks like an ethereal parachute and its structure is in perfect harmony to the actions of the wind, adapted for longer travels if some larvae nibble on the roots.

Dandelion, a common plant that shows its teeth as a friendly welcome to the conscious traveller. All elements united in its being, it sits deeply anchored in the earth, the hydraulic power of growth can lift heavy stones and other obstacles of civilisation. Perfect adaptation to the environment allows this fellow being to be seen everywhere. It’s not for nothing that the previously called Leontodon seeks out closeness to us humans. Our appreciation is returned to us thousandfold by providing us with food, medicine and indulgence. The closest friends of the ever so common Swine Snout may remember the magic it offers us as children. The pure joy of blowing off the seeds and later the discovery how to use the hollow stem to build long water pipes to play with and also to use it as a flute.

As wisdom grows in us, we see it reflected in the outer world; the exceptional beauty of a dandelion field is food for our soul. Only those who are humble enough will kneel down and are bestowed with the sweetest perfume this being has to offer.

It should be an inspiration to us to also grow strong roots in our endeavours before we try to reach the skies. Let our leaves of knowledge grow and to leave them as nourishment to the ones that comes after us. Not without showing the teeth for both, warding off intrusive fellow humans and as a welcoming smile. Whilst the buds are nowhere near the extravagant beauty of the flower in full bloom, it has already every little detail within. Don’t rush to open the petals but allow building all to perfection before anybody can see it from the outer world. This caper-like package of concentrated self is easily balanced on the growing stem and can reach whatever height is needed for it to fulfil its mission. During the process of growth, the green is blending in with the background, so perfectly that the observer’s attention is drawn elsewhere. Only when the full potential has been reached the natural gift can be shared with the world. The glory is very intense but also very short in time, as its reason is not the attention of the admirer but just a natural step in the pursuit of the progression. When the time is right, the seed of the steady effort is handed over to the wind; in absolute trust that the intelligence behind the wind will lift it to where it needs to be. What is left behind is no longer of importance and will be reabsorbed by mother earth.

Think of this remarkable life when you use the flower buds as capers, when you cut the leaves to make a healthy salad, when you use the flowers to make honey and when you roast the dried roots to prepare a healthy coffee.

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