QR - Questionable Reality

QR – for Quick Response code or in my view, Questionable Reality.
Every religion is linked to a symbol. The symbol is then used by the followers as a validation of their conviction. The symbol is used as a weapon to destroy those who dare question the one and only truth. In the end the symbol becomes more important than the philosophy that lead to the creation of the religion.

The duality of right or wrong kills all the shades between.

Be careful or you get trapped in this code like Minotaur of Crete was trapped in the labyrinth.

Once you agree to use it, by a simple gesture of showing a QR code linked certificate, you open the door to the labyrinth.
Will you be able to find the exit? And if so, will you be able to recollect your soul that you had to leave at the entrance?

The entrance that seems to lead to freedom.
Entranced you’ve become to believe that this two-dimensional maze is freedom.

You, without soul enter the dome liberated from state implemented judgement; or so you’ve been told.

Once you open that container that seemingly holds all gifts, you’re doing no different to Pandora.
Once you crossed the threshold, there will be no return.
Turn and you will see that you haven’t entered a dome but doom.

But then it will be too late.
Food for Asterion shall be your fate.

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