Viruses, are you sure?

Virologists, I dare you to prove that the method you're using is not creating the same particles that you claim to be viruses. Do control experiments without infectious material but use the same method of starving and intoxicating the cells. If you're able to see a difference and you've isolated the "Virus", then sequence a COMPLETE genome of it, not using the assembly method of small fragments and filling gaps with invented sequences. Then again if you're able to do this, prove that this "Virus" is CAUSING the sickness according to Koch's postulates. We're waiting ...

Now to Health.
If there is sickness, first make sure that it isn't caused by:

  • Toxic material in Environment, Food, Water, Medication ...
  • Lack of nutrients like minerals, vitamins etc Caused by: Lack of fresh vegetables
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Fear, stress - TV news
  • Doctors using pharmaceuticals

Should the illness still be there once you've corrected above and balanced your life, look at the real cause for it with the help of a holistic doctor and other professional practitioners.

Remember, the "One sickness, One cause, One medication" is a profit-oriented sentence from the pharma industry. The cause of imbalance in our life namely illness might be multiple and take some time to flatten out.

Finished reading this on your computer, tablet or phone? Turn it off and go for a walk. The joy you get by looking at the spring flowers is more healing than online distraction (including this post).

Go heal yourself!

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