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I’ve debated for a few days on whether to publish this or not. It is written from a place of cynicism. When I was sixteen, my foster brother committed suicide with a rifle. I was asleep, ten feet away from him when he ended his life. The smell of gunpowder and blood is forever seared into my psyche. Whenever there is another headline about gun violence in America, I am transported, just for a moment, back to that night. I relive it. The anniversary is coming up. I can’t remember the date...
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Why Rick is Morty and Jessica is a Bitch

I watch more Rick and Morty than I should. It's on heavy rotation alongside Star Trek, Frasier, and a few documentaries.Rick and Morty is nonsensical and absurd; the perfect counter to the absurdity that is the United States political system.I think Rick is an asshole and most of the treatment that is placed on Morty runs parallels to things that have happened in my life. But fuck, it makes me laugh. Not a little giggle here and there, but full-on belly laughter, something I need quite often.If ...
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Haunted By My Own Words

Have you ever been haunted by the things that you write? Haunted may not be the best word but it's the only one I can think of that fits the things that I am feeling. In a poem I wrote, which can be found here, I repeatedly question whether it is time to "sunset this dream" of writing. I wrote it from the viewpoint of a mid-40s man trying to find his way in a world that continually gets more absurd. It subtly calls out the toxicity of the advice that is often used when someone is struggling with...
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Are They Really The Vocal Minority?

This is not the project that I have been working on most of the day. I originally had this idea of time-traveling notes from my future self. Written from my perspective ten years in the future, writing to me in 2023, to tell me of the progression of the United States from this point forward. They take the shape of a deeply intimate conversation with me, in journal form. The entry that I, Present William, wrote in my journal this morning, was the subject matter of the letter from Future William....
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