Falling Awake Exercises

My exercises from Falling Awake book. Exposed to the Universe.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: P.22: Design your life now: Successful entrepreneur Successful Webcaster Successful One health teacher Own a coffeeshop Own my dream home Have a wide circle and variety of friends Have a significant other Be a father Travel Extensively Provide optimal care for my parents end of life Own a new Tesla Own a new Subaru Outback Dress better Solve the sustainable environment issues Unite our country Help advance society to consciousness Have a pet dog Find a way to help ...
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: P.10: Insert Techniques here; no big P.12: The most important thing I want to remember about this period of my life is… I want to remember how I kept myself healthy among difficult financial times. How I progressively & continually focused my awareness on new and outside-of-the-box complete health. I include in this keeping my spirit and mental health at a high level. As well as staying consciously positive. Knowing that I will be OK and will excel when I put my mind & effo...
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