Chapter 1

Chapter 1:
P.10: Insert Techniques here; no big

P.12: The most important thing I want to remember about this period of my life is…
I want to remember how I kept myself healthy among difficult financial times. How I progressively & continually focused my awareness on new and outside-of-the-box complete health. I include in this keeping my spirit and mental health at a high level. As well as staying consciously positive. Knowing that I will be OK and will excel when I put my mind & effort into it.

The most significant struggles I have experienced so far in my life are… Unquestionably, financial. I am putting these behind me now.

The most important accomplishments I have experienced so far in my life are… Completing my degree on my own.
Becoming a pro hockey player.
There are several items of the professional nature I am quite proud of: Becoming a knowledgeable cable technician. And working hard do that. Being a broadcast tech in webcasting. In addition, teaching myself to be an expert in live streaming and video production.
Deciding to independently be an entrepreneur and work for myself.
I would also consider beginning the journey to become consciously aware as a major accomplishment. Conscious awareness.
Creating a better relationship with my parents.

I am becoming a person who… Consciously & deliberately creates my own life. Becoming more aware of who I define myself to be. Realizes what exactly I want to create. Continuously getting better and more productive. Giving in less to fear, consciously. Stepping into the vibration of the person I am and the life I want.

The gift I most want to give myself is… Freedom. Stability. Love. Understanding. Creativity. Financial security. Family. Health.

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Falling Awake has given me the real world tools to consciously create the life I wanted to create. My life now is exactly how I intended & pictured it.

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