Chapter 2

Chapter 2:
P.22: Design your life now:
Successful entrepreneur

Successful Webcaster

Successful One health teacher

Own a coffeeshop

Own my dream home

Have a wide circle and variety of friends

Have a significant other

Be a father

Travel Extensively

Provide optimal care for my parents end of life

Own a new Tesla

Own a new Subaru Outback

Dress better

Solve the sustainable environment issues

Unite our country

Help advance society to consciousness

Have a pet dog

Find a way to help Seniors

Solve homelessness

Move people towards plant based diets

Open a One health non-profit athletic center / institute

Work less, make more money

Add to my collection of Records

Get a new needle for my record player

Have a collection of wines

Snowboard all the great ski resorts

Become an expert in life creation

Have never ending energy

Leave my children their house + enough money to feel safe

Teach my children how to create their life

Write a book

P.29: Imagine Time & Money are no problem
Scenario 1 - I would buy a $2,000,000 home on top of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. Big enough for myself and my parents to comfortably live for the rest of their lives.

I would purchase a Tesla Model Y

I would open my own coffee shop. Specializing in Healthy alternative milks, drinks, and snacks. Possible homemade chocolate and milks. I would like it to be a hub for interconnected activity.

I would open a medium sized, non-profit, One Health center. Integrating all things health related to humans, animals, and the environment.

I would invest in Crypto

I would invest in socially responsible companies with outstanding products

I would continue some form of webcasting

I would start a small collection of wines

I would ask my parents what they wanted and purchase that for them

Scenario #2 - I would help develop a plan to fight homelessness & donate my resources to it.

I would look into a way to help seniors live the last years of their life in a more comfortable way.

I would open up a non-profit coffee shop and donate the proceeds to ____ (homeless, seniors citizens)

I would open a non-profit One Health center. Provide education and assistance to individuals who want to live and healthier and more environmentally integrated life.

I would start a free driving service for senior citizens. So they could go wherever they wanted for as long as they want for free.

Part 2 - Find a way to solve climate change permanently.

Create Americans United programs and events.

Create healthy living initiatives. Including plant based initiatives and how to effectively grow vegetables and fruit organically while preserving soil quality.

Create people United programs and events. Bringing together people from all countries to share in common goals.

Create pro peace programs and events.

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