Markdown vs ReStructuredText

Admonitions are easy in RST and not so obvious in markdown. Apparently in Sphinx the Myst markdown variant can support it. Link to some kind-of-appropriate docs:

I notice the Standard Notes editor supports this automatically! This uses the “:::” fences instead of the more familiar “```” one for code blocks


Processing images for a website

I always seem to forget the best options for converting eg a photo I’ve taken - or downloaded from Unsplash - for use on a website. Here’s a reminder, based on general experience and also the answers and notes for this StackOverflow question. The basic answer is:

  1. Crop if necessary, so the image is the right aspect ratio (GIMP does this fine)
  2. Use imagemagick to compress etc, with a command like:
convert input-image.jpg -sampling-factor 4:2:0 -strip -quality 85 -resize 800 \
-interlace JPEG -colorspace RGB output.jpg

Hello, world

I blame the Ubuntu Podcast for me finding out about this easy blogging platform. I'm kind of grateful though - this could be useful!