Nighttime Recuerdos

I write a lot of poetry and I’m always looking for a new home to share my work and hopefully see the writing of others in a small community.

Animal Behavior (Guest piece by Sun and Moon)

Look at how they stay around when They want something you cant get back Look at how they want it seems so evil, how long will this cat continue to ignore Its just nature Natual selection, overspent Unfulfilled then uninspired Depersonalized at the hands of Some acting in the intersts of generals Sitting on piles of penny and power Like ants stacking a stash So many dollars, more than one could ever need Look how they coordinate thier vile efforts Thougtful as the synchonized v above me Then pe...
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My Happy Place

It is quiet I can have noise if I want headphones in the sounds of metal or piano, or rain, and around the scent of age dusty pages that I will never read but in the center of them still enjoy immensely stacked up high and wide endless rows of knowledge and me in the center in a forgotten place only hoping it remains accessible to all at all times because without these evenings these nights there is nowhere else to be except surrounded and busy working, accomplishing tackling the to-do list so f...
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Quick thoughts

Operating like normal fit words within constrained time such is life wanted 5,000 words ended up with only 5 lines. -Nighttime Recuerdos ...
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Earlier a brilliant poem idea kicked around in my head like a can in a chaotic street finished up set it somewhere safe for later ever so carefully busy then the day got away forgot and the next day I could not find brilliant idea gone lost forever perhaps someone else recycled that can my brilliant idea that fantastic poetry ...
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How Many words?

Could it be possible that every rhyme has been rhymed, every combination of words written and we are simply copying another but at a different moment in time? Could it be possible that nothing is new or has the change in our grammar evolved us ever so slightly, we create something different, but the idea is renewed. 7 billion some odd people so many words to say quick get me a mathematician how many combinations does that make? Nighttime Recuerdos ...
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