Tom Forager

Hi, I'm Tom! I live England and I write software for a living. I'm in my 20s, and I'm into philosophy, physics and tech. I enjoy cooking for myself and friends. I've come here for the #100days challenge, because I want to work on my self-expression and creativity.

This blog post could have been a tweet

In my experience of trying to form and maintain habits, I've learned that it's very important to at least "turn up". I don't have much to write about today, and it's getting very late. But I will still hit publish because if I don't, it'll be a hell of a lot easier for me to repeat the same thing tomorrow, suddenly I'm no longer writing every day. And with that, my message of the day is, if you like video games... Definitely get a friend or three, and play Baldur's Gate 3, it's the first vide...
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Hacking Motivation Continued

Yesterday I wrote a bit about how doing things under threat of your friends laughing at you if you don't is a great way to move forward with goals and habits you'd like to keep. That's here. Today I've not much time to write, but I want to link that idea a little with some struggles I touched on in my post before that one. Namely that I used to be a very productive engineer, both in and out of my day-job. Since I started working where I am now, the culture is such that we do not share much ab...
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Hacking Motivation

Today, I'm expanding on a couple of the things I wrote yesterday. I'm at one of those interesting times in life where you start trying on some new habits; hitting the gym more frequently, sleeping on-time, eating well (better), and obviously, writing. I'm not new to these endeavours, and I've started all of these habits many times before, and eventually fallen out of the habit - otherwise I wouldn't be just starting them now! Today I'm talking about how I've noticed something about keeping up...
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Blathering about lifting and mental clarity and tech team management

If you've a keen eye you might spot that I've technically already missed my 2nd day of the 100days challenge but I won't stand for it, it's 2 minutes past midnight and I shall be calling it yesterday for the remainder of this writing. Besides, I've forgiven myself. Today has been another of those days where I found myself feeling lethargic, unfocussed and just not really switched-on. Then I went to the gym and lifted some heavy bits of steel and suddenly I felt alive again. "Forced myself" int...
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100 Days Challenge

I have decided to take the 100 days challenge. When I was younger, in my teens, I used to engage and produce a bit on the internet. I ran websites, I had a clothing store, and consistently spurted my political views on facebook. The debates were intense, and my godfather especially enjoyed tearing apart my radical left-wing views. We were all young once! The internet was a place I felt comfortable giving my whole self to and producing content, and engaging with strangers on, for good and for b...
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