A climbing professor trying to survive academia. Used to love blogging during the Wordpress days, let's see if the stoke comes back.

climbing interview - part 2 (week 19 of 2024)

The climbing interview continues in today's post. Interview (Part 2) Who are your climbing idols? Ah, I have too many... It depends on what I am trying to channel at the moment. The Scandinavian climbing YouTubers Magnus Midtbo and Emil Abrahamsson + Wide Boyz (Tom Randall & Pete Whittaker) - for when I need to unleash beast mode and use all my power and try-hard. I admire the raw power of Magnus and Emil, and the psychological toughness of trad climbers, especially offwidth specialist...
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climbing interview - part 1 (week 19 of 2024)

A two week hiatus because of grading... So much for trying to write a blog post each week! Now that I have a bit more time after the semester I might try to catch up. Today's topic will be about the other thing that I spend a lot of time doing and thinking about which is climbing. I'll introduce myself as a climber, interview-style. Interview (Part 1) How long have you been climbing? In December of 2024 I would have been climbing for exactly 10 years. I guess that might make me sort of an ...
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grind culture. (week 16 of 2024)

It is pretty easy to figure out who I am and which university I work for, and so here is the mandatory disclaimer about how "the opinions expressed in this blog reflect my own experience and thoughts and not that of my employer". Here goes. In 2019 I struck the academic lottery - which is to land a tenure-track position in a university. Many PhDs have this as a dream job and I know how very lucky I am that I get to live this dream, even though there are tons of other academics who are way more...
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first post. (week 15 of 2024)

The mandatory hello world post! So, I am not sure what this blog is going to be about, but I wanted to try and get back into blogging because I have Thoughts and would like to share them in some form. I spend a lot of my time thinking about two things: Academia and Climbing. I play the ukulele and bass ukulele, and I love learning about R and all the awesome things you can do with it. I am a word nerd, but my research interests stop as soon as words get combined into bigger things like sente...
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