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Teach What you Learn

We are in a lock down in Ontario for 4 weeks now, commencing January 14, 2021 at 12:01 am. 

While we are restricted in our outside movement, it should not stop us from spending some nice quality time at home learning something that will be a benefit to ourselves and others in the future.

It recalled to my mind that the old joke of how many people does it take to change a light bulb became more than a joke for us in the office a number of years ago.

We had purchased a sign that is suspended from the window opening of our office building, and has light bulbs inside. We plugged it into an electrical timer so it is lit up for a period of time in the evening, and comes on again in the morning twilight. When it seemed to stop working, my first instinct was that the electrical timer was malfunctioning, but it wasn't that, it was indeed, a failed light bulb.
Wouldn't you know it, when I called the manufacturer of the sign to ask them how to get into the sign, to change the bulb, they couldn't answer, and told me to contact an electrician. I've never had this kind of problem before, and have always been able to replace a light bulb, but this time, the mechanics of the sign was a bit of a jig saw puzzle.

I took the advice of the manufacturer, contacted an electrician, who charged for the bulbs, his time, and also made it very clear to me that he didn't want anyone to watch him work. My suspicion was that if this was a trade secret, then he could be assured of another $100 the next time I needed a light bulb changed. To side step his request, I asked my fellow work mate to take a peek out in the hall, and do an inspection for the purpose of learning the skill of changing a light bulb in our puny little sign. We know how to do it ourselves the next time, and can replace the bulbs for about $.89 each for the 3 or four that may be needed.

We won't be calling the electrician for this little job a second time, of course, and have learned a few things from this experience. First, when you ask to be taught, and a teacher has not presented themselves, then you have to take a look for a willing educator. They will absolutely present themselves at the right time.
Second, when you have had a chance to learn something, as small as it seems to you, then teach it to all eager students. 

Here is a simple overview of teaching what you know, and I hope you can take advantage of the situation the next time something crops up in your life, that gives you an opportunity to share your experience.

Click for Knowledge!!


Teachers Full Time - Student Half Time Plus

I think when school goes back, if they really wanted to reduce the class size of students, all they really have to do to cut it in half, is separate the students into two groups, A and B.
"A" group goes on the even weeks to school, and "B" group goes on the odd weeks to school. Do I need to draw you a map?
It's easy to get the students piled up with homework that will last a week, and the in class time is temporarily cut in half, and the home time, is picking up the slack.

All the students need to do now, is find a method of collaborating so their homework becomes a joy rather than a chore.
In all probability, Cliq would work.

Do you need the link? Here it is Cliq.  Its in the label Email and Collaboration.  I gave you the gang buster link in case you find anything else there of interest. 

That would mean to me, the Cliq teams could work together when necessary, especially when they are home on a keyboard in front of a CRT.  Every other week they would reunite in the class, which should have only 50% of the capacity utilized, which would give the students more elbow room, to keep their two meters, as best they can. 

The teacher has a full time job teaching. 

You don't need to find other floor space, and hire more teachers.

The bus driver has a full time job driving half the group one week, and the other half the group the next week.  

The school keeps it's budget, and mandate to socially keep students physically apart as much as possible, and there will be a weekly prize for the most original mask.  It must be hand made, and come from your own home, otherwise, it doesn't count.  So guys, start to learn how to use the sewing machine, while you are home every other week.  You just may win the prize! Right? 

Bookkeeping for non bookkeepers

Bookkeeping is a great occupation for those that really like that kind of work, and for those who need a bookkeeping/tax/accounting service, you can be of great benefit if you can do a few up front chores to help.

A filing system that doesn't take a lot of time, is a great benefit. Simply put all receipts, documents, bank statements, government correspondence, and paperwork pertaining to your business, as you get it, in over sized, monthly envelopes, labelled the month and year that they pertain to.

The documents need not be sorted, because they have already been filed, monthly, and that is sufficient. Your bookkeeping office would appreciate receiving your files monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the size of each envelope. As a "rule of thumb", the more documents that are received, the more often you should pass them on to your bookkeeping office.

Our suggestion, is for all of your collected sales, make a regular bank deposit, and don't use any cash received to pay for supplies, or anything else. In this way, the banker will show you on your monthly statement, the amount you have collected.

When you need funds for your personal use, simply initiate a bank transfer to your personal account. Transfers are not considered expenses.
When you need funds for your business use, simply initiate a bank transfer from your personal account. When your business account needs additional funds so expenses can be paid for, before you collect from your business customers, you could consider drawing on a line of credit at the lowest interest rate you can get, and deposit those funds to your personal account, and transfer to your business account. When the funds are available in your business account, transfer back to your personal account and use that, to pay down your line of credit.

Our suggestion is to write cheques to pay for major business expenses, and use either a business credit card, or a personal credit card, exclusively used for business expenses, for purchases of necessary smaller supplies. Your business use credit card must always be paid in full when the due date arrives, otherwise the interest charges will more than cancel your efforts at keeping your costs to a minimum. Do not use a credit card, ever, if it cannot be paid off in full by the due date.
Your business will pay 100% of the credit card balance, without incurring interest charges, when paid in full, and the number of transactions on your bank account statement will result in a reduced service charge rate. The credit card company does not charge on the number of transaction, and only on the unpaid balance at a huge interest charge.

For business people who do not issue invoices for services, like the roadside firewood and vegetable stand, or barbershop, keep a log book to show the date, and amount collected. When you don't keep this record accurate, then everything else you do is probably just as careless, and no system will give you any idea of how well you really are doing.
Accounting is not a perfect science, but as a tool, to measure the temperature of your business, any errors in it's gauge will not let you know if your business is healthy or sick. Don't trick yourself into the belief that not reporting something to yourself will be a benefit. It's much better for you to know exactly what is happening in your business, so sound decisions can be made, as opposed to thinking that by hiding something from someone, will result in great things happening for your business. It won't.

For those business people, who having access to a computer, and have access to Excel, as a software spreadsheet tool, may I suggest you study up, on the use of a pivot table.

Here is the link to learn about the “pivot table”.

News from NY Times

I've been reading a bit from the elected from their party base, the thank you speeches from the politicians, and the yakking about the fact, they, over there, are the wrong ones, and we are the better than two shoes ones.
It's really a shame that politics cannot greet the issues, and deal with them, but make a lot of noise. I really guess that when we don't hear from the politicians, then it must mean that the governing is well done, and we can run ourselves. It is really obvious in the past four years of hearing nothing except U.S. president and latches on, and concerns, and tweets, and baloney, that United States must be in a real state, especially when the only news is from the lying politicians. What a shame.
May it go down in history that the human state of affairs in one of the nicest, largest, close to Canada countries in the world, is in shambles because of the mismanaged, don't leave it alone, or go with the flow, situations, and options that could have been used. Maybe it would be better not to leave it alone, but do the right thing, whatever that may be.

I think reading stuff like Tao Te Ching, and The Sayings of Lao Tzu would be beneath the dignity of those in political office in United States. Maybe I should start reading up on Homer, and Alfred J Newman, so I can stay in the loop. In another four years, it wouldn't surprise me in the least that those in United States that really know their stuff, will reelect into office, their choice from 2020. That would mean unless red was switched to blue, that someone, would get back into office for a third, historical time. What a riot. I'm glad I can stay close to home, and keep out of the way of the world.
It seems much more peaceful to be as insignificant as the land can make me, and enjoy the ride. Let the party animals, politicians, and loony bins of the world, keep on trucking their truck. Let them get rich, have their bodies mummified in due time, and pass on to that grand place above, that knows and counts what is on the left side, and what is not. It may well be, that the party animals, politicians, and loony bins of the world, are actually one and the same.
Is $8,000 for a watch really expensive? I have an Iphone with a $2.00 clock app. Am I cheap or what, eh? I guess when you are the president, or vice president, or elected vice or pres, you absolutely must have one of those $8,000 watches in case you miss some appointment to stand in front of a building, and try not to listen, or watch those around you, while your picture is getting taken for the Inquire book.


Well, what is a "job" anyway. Maybe it's our work, or maybe it's something that keeps us busy after we have received some sort of education that should benefit ourselves, and mankind.
At any rate, let's for a minute assume that it is our chosen work. I would hope the "chosen" work, is something that comes very natural because we have looked deep enough into what makes us who we are, and we are thankful to find that ingredient within our self to make us want to share that skill.

It may be nice to think that all young students can be given a multitude of choices in choosing a vocation, even on a temporary basis, to help, as team members in accomplishing great feats. It would be even nicer to think that all jobs are done by people who truly enjoy their work, and money is no longer a motivation because of the sharing of technologies reducing the need for money. The elimination of it would be great as well.
All work is necessary to be thought of, and all work, should be considered, started, and completed, or at least commenced.
The job, or work in front of us will remain as just that, until there is an effort put forward to resolve the obstacle and create a new situation to be dealt with.

How can the earth have such an abundance of salt water, and ocean creatures, and yet it cost more than fresh fruit, vegetables, or meat to acquire fish? Why isn't there a job created to provide the hungry from our abundance, and a way to acquire it? The farmers have done an awesome job, and I think there is something still missing from their efforts, and our plates, that is staring us in the face. Could it be the distribution channels are inadequate? Could it be corporate profits stolen during the process?
Why is it that from the farmer's field, and closer to our refrigerators, we have to load a truck, unload a truck, unload a pallet, stock a shelf, remove from the shelf, put in a cart, remove from the cart, package back to the cart, remove to the trunk, remove from the trunk, put in the fridge, take out of the fridge, cook, eat, dispose of waste, and return to the same cycle, week after week?

Why don't we just create the job to provide the meal cooked, and delivered to our table? That might eliminate the service restaurant, but it would create the service, or job. Are we waiting for the earth's population to be so high, there isn't enough room on the roads to drive a car to a grocery store, and it is more practical to have the job to do that for individuals. After all, isn't it easier for the post man to deliver to the end of the street where all the boxes are waiting for you to walk a block to pick it up from your little locker? How inefficient we were before.
Where did the ice man go, or popcorn maker ringing his bell, or ice cream vendor with his crazy tunes? They are waiting for your online order so they don't have to entice you, at random. What a waste of time and effort we had before.

Can you imagine that something as simple as a cylinder of yogurt hand delivered to your door, and inserted in a little opening at the foot of your door, every day that you want it, in those cities like Seoul, where the population may be high enough to warrant a profit to be made on such a service.
How is it we can pick up a cooked chicken cheaper than we can purchase, and cook our own?
Why not create the job to have the cooked chicken delivered to our table?

Why is it that when an individual is old enough to retire from their work, they find out what they really have a passion for, and wish they would have known that 20 years or more before?
I think it's because the job took over their life, and their motivation was either money, or by inertia, they couldn't get off the hook. Wake up, and look at yourself, your job, your life, and choose wisely. Ask a question, and don't stop until you get the answer you knew all along, and just had someone mirror your mind. You are not absolutely unique in all aspects, just the few, that make you, you.

Are you looking for a Job in Canada? 

Back to the Future

The Edge is Nigh

I came across an article today that indicated that Microsoft Edge, because it was part of the Windows operating system could not be uninstalled.
Someone made it happen, and shared that information:

Well, wonders never cease eh?


Well, weather is a great news article that entices many to watch, read, and be held spellbound especially with the forecasts, and also the horrific.

I believe sincerely, if it is not within your control, you can never predict anything that you profess to know. The soothsayer is only a voice in the dark, and when your life is taken over by the soothsayer, then you are doomed to be a piece of the soothsayers desire to control.

Weather, is right now, out of our control, therefore cannot be predicted with any surety, but with the knowledge of what historical events have provided to us.

History teaches us invaluable lessons, but if we do not absolutely learn by those lessons, then we are doomed to repeat what has happened. Weather, historically teaches us some situations that we don't pay attention to, deep enough, to warrant a guarantee of prediction.

OK, then let us assume that if something is within our control, barring an accident or another natural occurrence beyond on absolute control, that we can predict with a greater surety, that we know what will happen.

So, going forward in time, let us assume that we can control the weather to some limited degree, that we do not posses at the present time. I would hope it would be with the cooperation of the scientific greatest minds that our humble blue planet can muster, with the cooperation, and willingness of our planet. Likely? Perhaps. When our family is divided in it's decisions, then our planet will also be divided, and it is unlikely that we can get the greatest minds together for the betterment of mankind, and the control of something as simple as the weather.

After all, don't you think if the earth spins on it's axis, that it, in it's turning, will influence some of the situation that may happen, as far as weather is concerned? Do you believe if you blow into a fan, that it will turn. Then, if you do, providing the fan is delicate enough to take our small wind blowing as an influence to it's movement, then it really will turn. Then, in all probability, we could possibly erect buildings, and highways, and edifices, that, as the earth turns, affects the tiny micro meteorology that has a direct bearing on our future weather. Providing this is true, as opposed to not being so, then we can influence the weather just by the way that civil engineering can effect the monuments that are turning with the earth, and are pushing the molecules forward, taking an effect at subsequent events.

Step on a butterfly, and you will have an effect on the billions of things going to happen, by your altering it, for an impact in the future. After all, there will not be other eggs laid, or hatched, or pupated, or survived, to enrich this earth. You have had a direct impact at the future by what you have done. Need it be said, that whatever you say, or do, can also have a direct impact at the future events that can unfold. Your "I love you" will be meaningless unless your words, put into action, have a direct impact at what is done. After all, if you don't say what you will do, and do what you will say, then you are just a wind bag, and not much different than the inconsistent weather, that we cannot control, and cannot depend on as our prediction.

Know any politicians that don't do what they say, but just say what they think you want them to hear, so they can keep their jobs? Possibly! In time, they will become history, and in some cases, be labelled as the clowns that once elected, caused your demise.

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Reading Journals

This morning I read several journals of individuals who have posted. It's really nice to see that some can attach pictures, and links to their pages. I will try to learn from their artsy efforts, and try my hand at enhancing the written word with graphics. Usually I'm focused on just the numbers, or basics, but eventually anyone can loose interest, unless there is something to spice up the minute.

I enjoyed Jay's Journal, especially when he crawled out of a rut, and became employed working out of his home office. That was just in time before the pandemic struck our little space.
The pandemic has opened a lot of eyes on how life can be, and how short life can be as well. The self isolation, and social distancing is probably most critical in having this germ leave our space in time, and find another place to move to. It's very difficult to leave friends and loved ones behind, but can you imagine if it's not done, that you can either leave someone with an illness they will never get over, or you will never see them on this side of the green sod when it's over.

Quite a while ago the thoughts of the future kind of peaked my interest, and thought it would be nice to think of an ideal situation that could be leaned against. Of course it doesn't mean that it will materialize, and in all probability, it shouldn't materialize especially if it isn't for the better good. Even though everyone's point of view, being considered, is not perfect, the combined thoughts probably put us closer to the right side of the best of our time.

You know, politics has never been a big thing in my mind. It's better to keep out of it, if you don't enjoy the soap box, and rant about nothing, and everything at the same time. I can't for the life of me figure how someone's unqualified decision, and only because they are over the age of majority, can decide for a nation of people, who should represent their interests. It's like placing in charge, the coolest speaker, that has absolutely no idea how to run a ship, and won't take their wheel off the helm when put in charge, because of their arrogance. Most people would rather have an experienced captain take charge, than cool hand Luke who can tell the sweet story of how much you are going to get in return if they are placed in the high office. Get with it my little children.

Can you imagine a family of five, where three of them, all children, and all inexperienced at life, can form the majority. Democracy at it's finest wouldn't you say. The other end of the political spectrum will leave us with someone who aspires to their job forever, at whatever cost. That's a hoot too. Once in power, the power corrupts. Then, the absolute power, as the cliche goes, corrupts, absolutely.  

We have all been witness in reading news lately, to both of these, and many more situations that are less than ideal. Give someone the authority, because of your brief position to do so, to hold their knee against someone's neck, and get off the hook because of their understanding of their position, and we are committing suicide. Quite simply, once someone has taken control of a situation, the situation becomes out of control. The control is placed in the hands of those that have been empowered to govern.

Taoist Tai Chi moves

The 108 moves of the Tai Chi set

  1. Opening of Tai Chi
  2. Left Grasp Bird's Tail
  3. Grasp Bird's Tail
  4. Single Whip
  5. Step Up and Raise Hands
  6. White Stork Spreads Wings
  7. Brush Knee (left)
  8. Strum the Pei Pa
  9. Brush Knee and Twist Step (left)
  10. Brush Knee and Twist Step (right)
  11. Brush Knee (left)
  12. Strum the Pei Pa
  13. Brush Knee and Twist Step (left)
  14. Chop with Fist
  15. Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
  16. Appear to Close Entrance
  17. Cross Hands
  18. Carry Tiger to Mountain
  19. Whip Out Diagonally
  20. Fist Under Elbow
  21. Go Back to Ward Off Monkey (right)
  22. Go Back to Ward Off Monkey (left)
  23. Go Back to Ward Off Monkey (right)
  24. Flying at a Slant
  25. Step Up and Raise Hands
  26. White Stork Spreads Wings
  27. Brush Knee (left)
  28. Push Needle to Sea Bottom
  29. Fan Penetrates through the Back
  30. Turn and Chop with Fist
  31. Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
  32. Step Up to Grasp Bird's Tail
  33. Single Whip
  34. Move Hands Like Clouds (five times)
  35. Single Whip
  36. Reach Up to Pat Horse
  37. Separate Foot to Right
  38. Separate Foot to Left
  39. Turn and Kick
  40. Brush Knee and Twist Step (left)
  41. Brush Knee and Twist Step (right)
  42. Step Up and Punch
  43. Turn and Chop with Fist
  44. Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
  45. Right Foot Kick
  46. Hit Tiger at Left
  47. Hit Tiger at Right
  48. Right Foot Kick
  49. Strike Ears with Fists
  50. Left Foot Kick
  51. Turn and Kick
  52. Chop with Fist
  53. Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
  54. Appear to Close Entrance
  55. Cross Hands
  56. Carry Tiger to Mountain
  57. Whip Out Horizontally
  58. Parting Wild Horse's Mane (right)
  59. Parting Wild Horse's Mane (left)
  60. Parting Wild Horse's Mane (right)
  61. Parting Wild Horse's Mane (left)
  62. Parting Wild Horse's Mane (right)
  63. Left Grasp Bird's Tail
  64. Step Up to Grasp Bird's Tail
  65. Single Whip
  66. Fair Lady Works Shuttles (left)
  67. Fair Lady Works Shuttles (right)
  68. Fair Lady Works Shuttles (left)
  69. Fair Lady Works Shuttles (right)
  70. Left Grasp Bird's Tail
  71. Step Up to Grasp Bird's Tail
  72. Single Whip
  73. Move Hands Like Clouds (seven times)
  74. Single Whip
  75. Creeping Low Like a Snake
  76. Golden Cock Stands on One Leg (left)
  77. Golden Cock Stands on One Leg (right)
  78. Go Back to Ward Off Monkey (right)
  79. Go Back to Ward Off Monkey (left)
  80. Flying at a Slant
  81. Step Up and Raise Hands
  82. White Stork Spreads Wings
  83. Brush Knee (left)
  84. Push Needle to Sea Bottom
  85. Fan Penetrates through the Back
  86. White Snake Turns and Puts Out Tongue
  87. Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
  88. Step Up to Grasp Bird's Tail
  89. Single Whip
  90. Move Hands Like Clouds (three times)
  91. Single Whip
  92. Reach Up to Pat Horse
  93. Cross Hands to Penetrate
  94. Turn and Kick
  95. Chop with Fist
  96. Brush Knee and Punch
  97. Step Up to Grasp Bird's Tail
  98. Single Whip
  99. Creeping Low Like a Snake
  100. Step Up to Seven Stars
  101. Retreat to Ride Tiger
  102. Turn Around to Sweep Lotus
  103. Draw Bow to Shoot Tiger
  104. Chop with Fist
  105. Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
  106. Appear to Close Entrance
  107. Cross Hands
  108. Closing of Tai Chi

Linking notes

I'm trying to blog, and create a link back to another page.  I'm also not exactly sure how to do it but did determine by looking at the URL of the "future" page, that the following will link to it. 

Back to the Future


Hopefully in the future people will believe that competition is not as important as cooperation and sharing of the mind. Could you imagine being on board a sinking ship, and thinking that no one wants to share their idea of survival because someone may benefit as an individual, and it is too important to get the legalization of reward in order before the mind opens up at the same time as the tongue wags. Shameful, right.
So, my thoughts on the technologies is that people start to realize that one person cannot think of everything, and for one to build on one idea does not mean the idea is no longer original, but enhanced for the betterment of mankind.
Water could be purified through better processes, and become available for all.
Fertilizers would be used to improve growth and would not necessarily kill.
Food could be grown in facilities that provide the right environment that encourage the full potential of growth, and provide the necessary nutrients to the consumer, at a minimum cost.
Drugs could be developed from natural ingredients and provided without cost to those needing them, for both prevention of disease, and the curing of the same.
Identification of individuals could be made without the need of credit cards, driving licences, certificates, passports, visas, and things to be carried on one’s self, but by the actual DNA that could be read by devices located where the safe passage of people, would be needed.
There would be no need for cash. There would be no need for excess. There would be enough for everyone, and everyone would have access to the same, because there would be no more need for vanity. Unique in individuals would no longer be determined by assets. Uniqueness would be determined by mind, and the contributions of the mind towards the betterment of humanity.
Travel could be improved by public facilities that utilized electrical, nuclear, solar, and natural chemical products that could be replaced.
Routes for supply movement would be different that routes for people movement.
Animals would not be killed by vehicles, but protected from entering routes traveled.
Space travel could result in longevity.

Back to the Future


I started a bit of a thought writing process with a number of topics that I wanted to address, quite a while ago. One was the #future and it’s there I wrote the subjects that I would like to address.
On the money issue, it really doesn’t exist as a usable item, but a yardstick or measurement of someone’s, or some institutions potential to do great. The greater one can do, means the opposite extreme can exist. By eliminating the need for money, or the existence of money, we just need a way of measuring the potential of accomplishing the betterment of mankind in general, and all of nature, in particular. To accomplish this feat, it probably won’t hurt for all countries to impose such a duty that it is almost impossible to export out of the country because there would be no place to market. Everything would have to be domestically produced, and consumed, and anything that could not be produced, would not be available unless the the individual sought the product or service by relocating. That would be a horror story in itself.
It shouldn’t take much effort to realize that the most portable of products exists in the minds of mankind. That would mean that all humans would contribute in a technology framework, their ideas that could form a pool of knowledge. The filter would be the truth, which would result in all technologies growing to perfection. Error in assumptions would have to be eliminated by documentation and trial and error in the testing. Hopefully nothing is sacrificed in the determination of the truth.
Once we all have access to the technology, then all of mankind, nature, would benefit the rewards and life would be much more pleasing and there would be no need for competition. Everyone would have access to everything available, and everything would be made available. The distribution of food, resources, items, knowledge, would have to be done in a way that people did not have control, but by cooperating, we could all participate in the balance of distribution. The hungry would be fed, the unhealthy would be medicated, the old would be listened to and cared for, the young would be educated, the feeble would be made strong, and there would be no rich, nor poor, just our earth trying it’s hardest to help in nature towards the betterment of all.

Back to the Future


Advances in the health field will be slowed down by a moral decision to be approached with care. With a lack of experience blending health concerns with the moral care of decency and right, advances will initially be slow.
The west, looking at providing relief for the inflected, and the east providing an avenue of prevention of disease and tragedy, will finally join forces and blend their goals for the common good of all.
It may be possible to prevent deformities from occurring when we determine the proper mix of individuals to be united. Education alone cannot stop human nature from unfolding that way it naturally will. Legal systems cannot prevent crime from happening, as knowledge in preventing tragedy will not prevent accidents from happening.
My hope is that human expansion on this earth will not unnaturally be controlled, and artificial creation will not occur, but intelligence will allow for the gentle development of family, neighborhood, cities, states, countries, and eventually planets, universes, and multi verses.

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Competition is thought today as being healthy, in that it stimulates team spirit and creates price differences.
I’ve always been of the impression that in industry, minds of people are so very portable, that when it comes to competition, everyone knows everything about everything, especially because it is very hard to hold innovation back, and if it’s trapped in someone’s mind, the person, custodian of the mind, will move on, where the “competitor “ pays more.
In the future, technology should be shared among all. All minds will form a bond, and develop for the sake of efficiency, and harmony. It will not be necessary for the person with the mind to be compensated because each one will have an opportunity for their mind to be shared. That is much more important to the future bright people of the world, because they will be able to enjoy the benefit of watching wonderful things unfold. Each person will build on another’s thoughts, and when the direction of the thought changes in a negative sense, the brilliant minds of the world will assist on bending them back so the natural curve of things still continues, but with mankind’s assistance, will bend towards the will of the good.

* Back to the Future


Thoughts of the future earth.

Who knows what will happen next? I think when you realize the conveniences that are available today, one would wonder why we never thought of it earlier. It could very well be that the thought was there bound by the heads of the speechless, which makes it second best to useless. When the thought is there as to the future earth, then communication with the doers is necessary. Maybe the communication can just be in the form of writing, especially when one is relatively quiet by nature, and doesn’t particularly share thoughts verbally with very many people. Sometimes it is hard to find an ear that doesn’t want to be a mouth too.
Before I continue on this little rant, that I will visit and tag as a #future, I will go to another app and see if I can make a list of topics to cover. Then I will come back here and be a little more organized.

I went to another app, and made a list of different sub topics of the future that I would like to address at one time or another.
These sub groups of the future include:
* Weather
* Jobs
* Meals
* Love
* Travel
* Energy
* Wealth

I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I hope to enjoy writing about my thoughts in these topics, pertaining to the future.

Standard Notes First Writing

8/15/2020, 10:25 AM

I have been reading about blogging through standard notes, and am not sure yet if I know how to access it.
The best way I can think of trying it, is just to jump in and start writing, and then publish it. I will see if I can find the options to change any part of the configuration.

Today is a pretty nice day, and the chores haven't been started because I've been busy reading from Standard Notes documentation. There was a default in the action bar email that I wanted to change, so wrote to support. After fiddling around for a little while, I realized it was getting the default from the system default. I just wrote to support to let them know the mystery was solved. I think they have a pretty good support team getting back on any concerns.

The standard notes is installed on an iPhone 7 that I have been using for a while, and it synchronizes with the computers that I use, both at home, and in the office. It has been a pretty good time save for me, and in some cases, the note is emailed to Omnifocus where a follow up can be made, and issues resolved. Pretty slick!