Competition is thought today as being healthy, in that it stimulates team spirit and creates price differences.
I’ve always been of the impression that in industry, minds of people are so very portable, that when it comes to competition, everyone knows everything about everything, especially because it is very hard to hold innovation back, and if it’s trapped in someone’s mind, the person, custodian of the mind, will move on, where the “competitor “ pays more.
In the future, technology should be shared among all. All minds will form a bond, and develop for the sake of efficiency, and harmony. It will not be necessary for the person with the mind to be compensated because each one will have an opportunity for their mind to be shared. That is much more important to the future bright people of the world, because they will be able to enjoy the benefit of watching wonderful things unfold. Each person will build on another’s thoughts, and when the direction of the thought changes in a negative sense, the brilliant minds of the world will assist on bending them back so the natural curve of things still continues, but with mankind’s assistance, will bend towards the will of the good.

* Back to the Future

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