Thoughts of the future earth.

Who knows what will happen next? I think when you realize the conveniences that are available today, one would wonder why we never thought of it earlier. It could very well be that the thought was there bound by the heads of the speechless, which makes it second best to useless. When the thought is there as to the future earth, then communication with the doers is necessary. Maybe the communication can just be in the form of writing, especially when one is relatively quiet by nature, and doesn’t particularly share thoughts verbally with very many people. Sometimes it is hard to find an ear that doesn’t want to be a mouth too.
Before I continue on this little rant, that I will visit and tag as a #future, I will go to another app and see if I can make a list of topics to cover. Then I will come back here and be a little more organized.

I went to another app, and made a list of different sub topics of the future that I would like to address at one time or another.
These sub groups of the future include:
* Weather
* Jobs
* Meals
* Love
* Travel
* Energy
* Wealth

I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I hope to enjoy writing about my thoughts in these topics, pertaining to the future.

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