I started a bit of a thought writing process with a number of topics that I wanted to address, quite a while ago. One was the #future and it’s there I wrote the subjects that I would like to address.
On the money issue, it really doesn’t exist as a usable item, but a yardstick or measurement of someone’s, or some institutions potential to do great. The greater one can do, means the opposite extreme can exist. By eliminating the need for money, or the existence of money, we just need a way of measuring the potential of accomplishing the betterment of mankind in general, and all of nature, in particular. To accomplish this feat, it probably won’t hurt for all countries to impose such a duty that it is almost impossible to export out of the country because there would be no place to market. Everything would have to be domestically produced, and consumed, and anything that could not be produced, would not be available unless the the individual sought the product or service by relocating. That would be a horror story in itself.
It shouldn’t take much effort to realize that the most portable of products exists in the minds of mankind. That would mean that all humans would contribute in a technology framework, their ideas that could form a pool of knowledge. The filter would be the truth, which would result in all technologies growing to perfection. Error in assumptions would have to be eliminated by documentation and trial and error in the testing. Hopefully nothing is sacrificed in the determination of the truth.
Once we all have access to the technology, then all of mankind, nature, would benefit the rewards and life would be much more pleasing and there would be no need for competition. Everyone would have access to everything available, and everything would be made available. The distribution of food, resources, items, knowledge, would have to be done in a way that people did not have control, but by cooperating, we could all participate in the balance of distribution. The hungry would be fed, the unhealthy would be medicated, the old would be listened to and cared for, the young would be educated, the feeble would be made strong, and there would be no rich, nor poor, just our earth trying it’s hardest to help in nature towards the betterment of all.

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