Hopefully in the future people will believe that competition is not as important as cooperation and sharing of the mind. Could you imagine being on board a sinking ship, and thinking that no one wants to share their idea of survival because someone may benefit as an individual, and it is too important to get the legalization of reward in order before the mind opens up at the same time as the tongue wags. Shameful, right.
So, my thoughts on the technologies is that people start to realize that one person cannot think of everything, and for one to build on one idea does not mean the idea is no longer original, but enhanced for the betterment of mankind.
Water could be purified through better processes, and become available for all.
Fertilizers would be used to improve growth and would not necessarily kill.
Food could be grown in facilities that provide the right environment that encourage the full potential of growth, and provide the necessary nutrients to the consumer, at a minimum cost.
Drugs could be developed from natural ingredients and provided without cost to those needing them, for both prevention of disease, and the curing of the same.
Identification of individuals could be made without the need of credit cards, driving licences, certificates, passports, visas, and things to be carried on one’s self, but by the actual DNA that could be read by devices located where the safe passage of people, would be needed.
There would be no need for cash. There would be no need for excess. There would be enough for everyone, and everyone would have access to the same, because there would be no more need for vanity. Unique in individuals would no longer be determined by assets. Uniqueness would be determined by mind, and the contributions of the mind towards the betterment of humanity.
Travel could be improved by public facilities that utilized electrical, nuclear, solar, and natural chemical products that could be replaced.
Routes for supply movement would be different that routes for people movement.
Animals would not be killed by vehicles, but protected from entering routes traveled.
Space travel could result in longevity.

Back to the Future

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