Advances in the health field will be slowed down by a moral decision to be approached with care. With a lack of experience blending health concerns with the moral care of decency and right, advances will initially be slow.
The west, looking at providing relief for the inflected, and the east providing an avenue of prevention of disease and tragedy, will finally join forces and blend their goals for the common good of all.
It may be possible to prevent deformities from occurring when we determine the proper mix of individuals to be united. Education alone cannot stop human nature from unfolding that way it naturally will. Legal systems cannot prevent crime from happening, as knowledge in preventing tragedy will not prevent accidents from happening.
My hope is that human expansion on this earth will not unnaturally be controlled, and artificial creation will not occur, but intelligence will allow for the gentle development of family, neighborhood, cities, states, countries, and eventually planets, universes, and multi verses.

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