Standard Notes First Writing

8/15/2020, 10:25 AM

I have been reading about blogging through standard notes, and am not sure yet if I know how to access it.
The best way I can think of trying it, is just to jump in and start writing, and then publish it. I will see if I can find the options to change any part of the configuration.

Today is a pretty nice day, and the chores haven't been started because I've been busy reading from Standard Notes documentation. There was a default in the action bar email that I wanted to change, so wrote to support. After fiddling around for a little while, I realized it was getting the default from the system default. I just wrote to support to let them know the mystery was solved. I think they have a pretty good support team getting back on any concerns.

The standard notes is installed on an iPhone 7 that I have been using for a while, and it synchronizes with the computers that I use, both at home, and in the office. It has been a pretty good time save for me, and in some cases, the note is emailed to Omnifocus where a follow up can be made, and issues resolved. Pretty slick!

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