Well, what is a "job" anyway. Maybe it's our work, or maybe it's something that keeps us busy after we have received some sort of education that should benefit ourselves, and mankind.
At any rate, let's for a minute assume that it is our chosen work. I would hope the "chosen" work, is something that comes very natural because we have looked deep enough into what makes us who we are, and we are thankful to find that ingredient within our self to make us want to share that skill.

It may be nice to think that all young students can be given a multitude of choices in choosing a vocation, even on a temporary basis, to help, as team members in accomplishing great feats. It would be even nicer to think that all jobs are done by people who truly enjoy their work, and money is no longer a motivation because of the sharing of technologies reducing the need for money. The elimination of it would be great as well.
All work is necessary to be thought of, and all work, should be considered, started, and completed, or at least commenced.
The job, or work in front of us will remain as just that, until there is an effort put forward to resolve the obstacle and create a new situation to be dealt with.

How can the earth have such an abundance of salt water, and ocean creatures, and yet it cost more than fresh fruit, vegetables, or meat to acquire fish? Why isn't there a job created to provide the hungry from our abundance, and a way to acquire it? The farmers have done an awesome job, and I think there is something still missing from their efforts, and our plates, that is staring us in the face. Could it be the distribution channels are inadequate? Could it be corporate profits stolen during the process?
Why is it that from the farmer's field, and closer to our refrigerators, we have to load a truck, unload a truck, unload a pallet, stock a shelf, remove from the shelf, put in a cart, remove from the cart, package back to the cart, remove to the trunk, remove from the trunk, put in the fridge, take out of the fridge, cook, eat, dispose of waste, and return to the same cycle, week after week?

Why don't we just create the job to provide the meal cooked, and delivered to our table? That might eliminate the service restaurant, but it would create the service, or job. Are we waiting for the earth's population to be so high, there isn't enough room on the roads to drive a car to a grocery store, and it is more practical to have the job to do that for individuals. After all, isn't it easier for the post man to deliver to the end of the street where all the boxes are waiting for you to walk a block to pick it up from your little locker? How inefficient we were before.
Where did the ice man go, or popcorn maker ringing his bell, or ice cream vendor with his crazy tunes? They are waiting for your online order so they don't have to entice you, at random. What a waste of time and effort we had before.

Can you imagine that something as simple as a cylinder of yogurt hand delivered to your door, and inserted in a little opening at the foot of your door, every day that you want it, in those cities like Seoul, where the population may be high enough to warrant a profit to be made on such a service.
How is it we can pick up a cooked chicken cheaper than we can purchase, and cook our own?
Why not create the job to have the cooked chicken delivered to our table?

Why is it that when an individual is old enough to retire from their work, they find out what they really have a passion for, and wish they would have known that 20 years or more before?
I think it's because the job took over their life, and their motivation was either money, or by inertia, they couldn't get off the hook. Wake up, and look at yourself, your job, your life, and choose wisely. Ask a question, and don't stop until you get the answer you knew all along, and just had someone mirror your mind. You are not absolutely unique in all aspects, just the few, that make you, you.

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