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I've been reading a bit from the elected from their party base, the thank you speeches from the politicians, and the yakking about the fact, they, over there, are the wrong ones, and we are the better than two shoes ones.
It's really a shame that politics cannot greet the issues, and deal with them, but make a lot of noise. I really guess that when we don't hear from the politicians, then it must mean that the governing is well done, and we can run ourselves. It is really obvious in the past four years of hearing nothing except U.S. president and latches on, and concerns, and tweets, and baloney, that United States must be in a real state, especially when the only news is from the lying politicians. What a shame.
May it go down in history that the human state of affairs in one of the nicest, largest, close to Canada countries in the world, is in shambles because of the mismanaged, don't leave it alone, or go with the flow, situations, and options that could have been used. Maybe it would be better not to leave it alone, but do the right thing, whatever that may be.

I think reading stuff like Tao Te Ching, and The Sayings of Lao Tzu would be beneath the dignity of those in political office in United States. Maybe I should start reading up on Homer, and Alfred J Newman, so I can stay in the loop. In another four years, it wouldn't surprise me in the least that those in United States that really know their stuff, will reelect into office, their choice from 2020. That would mean unless red was switched to blue, that someone, would get back into office for a third, historical time. What a riot. I'm glad I can stay close to home, and keep out of the way of the world.
It seems much more peaceful to be as insignificant as the land can make me, and enjoy the ride. Let the party animals, politicians, and loony bins of the world, keep on trucking their truck. Let them get rich, have their bodies mummified in due time, and pass on to that grand place above, that knows and counts what is on the left side, and what is not. It may well be, that the party animals, politicians, and loony bins of the world, are actually one and the same.
Is $8,000 for a watch really expensive? I have an Iphone with a $2.00 clock app. Am I cheap or what, eh? I guess when you are the president, or vice president, or elected vice or pres, you absolutely must have one of those $8,000 watches in case you miss some appointment to stand in front of a building, and try not to listen, or watch those around you, while your picture is getting taken for the Inquire book.

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