Well, weather is a great news article that entices many to watch, read, and be held spellbound especially with the forecasts, and also the horrific.

I believe sincerely, if it is not within your control, you can never predict anything that you profess to know. The soothsayer is only a voice in the dark, and when your life is taken over by the soothsayer, then you are doomed to be a piece of the soothsayers desire to control.

Weather, is right now, out of our control, therefore cannot be predicted with any surety, but with the knowledge of what historical events have provided to us.

History teaches us invaluable lessons, but if we do not absolutely learn by those lessons, then we are doomed to repeat what has happened. Weather, historically teaches us some situations that we don't pay attention to, deep enough, to warrant a guarantee of prediction.

OK, then let us assume that if something is within our control, barring an accident or another natural occurrence beyond on absolute control, that we can predict with a greater surety, that we know what will happen.

So, going forward in time, let us assume that we can control the weather to some limited degree, that we do not posses at the present time. I would hope it would be with the cooperation of the scientific greatest minds that our humble blue planet can muster, with the cooperation, and willingness of our planet. Likely? Perhaps. When our family is divided in it's decisions, then our planet will also be divided, and it is unlikely that we can get the greatest minds together for the betterment of mankind, and the control of something as simple as the weather.

After all, don't you think if the earth spins on it's axis, that it, in it's turning, will influence some of the situation that may happen, as far as weather is concerned? Do you believe if you blow into a fan, that it will turn. Then, if you do, providing the fan is delicate enough to take our small wind blowing as an influence to it's movement, then it really will turn. Then, in all probability, we could possibly erect buildings, and highways, and edifices, that, as the earth turns, affects the tiny micro meteorology that has a direct bearing on our future weather. Providing this is true, as opposed to not being so, then we can influence the weather just by the way that civil engineering can effect the monuments that are turning with the earth, and are pushing the molecules forward, taking an effect at subsequent events.

Step on a butterfly, and you will have an effect on the billions of things going to happen, by your altering it, for an impact in the future. After all, there will not be other eggs laid, or hatched, or pupated, or survived, to enrich this earth. You have had a direct impact at the future by what you have done. Need it be said, that whatever you say, or do, can also have a direct impact at the future events that can unfold. Your "I love you" will be meaningless unless your words, put into action, have a direct impact at what is done. After all, if you don't say what you will do, and do what you will say, then you are just a wind bag, and not much different than the inconsistent weather, that we cannot control, and cannot depend on as our prediction.

Know any politicians that don't do what they say, but just say what they think you want them to hear, so they can keep their jobs? Possibly! In time, they will become history, and in some cases, be labelled as the clowns that once elected, caused your demise.

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