Reading Journals

This morning I read several journals of individuals who have posted. It's really nice to see that some can attach pictures, and links to their pages. I will try to learn from their artsy efforts, and try my hand at enhancing the written word with graphics. Usually I'm focused on just the numbers, or basics, but eventually anyone can loose interest, unless there is something to spice up the minute.

I enjoyed Jay's Journal, especially when he crawled out of a rut, and became employed working out of his home office. That was just in time before the pandemic struck our little space.
The pandemic has opened a lot of eyes on how life can be, and how short life can be as well. The self isolation, and social distancing is probably most critical in having this germ leave our space in time, and find another place to move to. It's very difficult to leave friends and loved ones behind, but can you imagine if it's not done, that you can either leave someone with an illness they will never get over, or you will never see them on this side of the green sod when it's over.

Quite a while ago the thoughts of the future kind of peaked my interest, and thought it would be nice to think of an ideal situation that could be leaned against. Of course it doesn't mean that it will materialize, and in all probability, it shouldn't materialize especially if it isn't for the better good. Even though everyone's point of view, being considered, is not perfect, the combined thoughts probably put us closer to the right side of the best of our time.

You know, politics has never been a big thing in my mind. It's better to keep out of it, if you don't enjoy the soap box, and rant about nothing, and everything at the same time. I can't for the life of me figure how someone's unqualified decision, and only because they are over the age of majority, can decide for a nation of people, who should represent their interests. It's like placing in charge, the coolest speaker, that has absolutely no idea how to run a ship, and won't take their wheel off the helm when put in charge, because of their arrogance. Most people would rather have an experienced captain take charge, than cool hand Luke who can tell the sweet story of how much you are going to get in return if they are placed in the high office. Get with it my little children.

Can you imagine a family of five, where three of them, all children, and all inexperienced at life, can form the majority. Democracy at it's finest wouldn't you say. The other end of the political spectrum will leave us with someone who aspires to their job forever, at whatever cost. That's a hoot too. Once in power, the power corrupts. Then, the absolute power, as the cliche goes, corrupts, absolutely.  

We have all been witness in reading news lately, to both of these, and many more situations that are less than ideal. Give someone the authority, because of your brief position to do so, to hold their knee against someone's neck, and get off the hook because of their understanding of their position, and we are committing suicide. Quite simply, once someone has taken control of a situation, the situation becomes out of control. The control is placed in the hands of those that have been empowered to govern.

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