Teachers Full Time - Student Half Time Plus

I think when school goes back, if they really wanted to reduce the class size of students, all they really have to do to cut it in half, is separate the students into two groups, A and B.
"A" group goes on the even weeks to school, and "B" group goes on the odd weeks to school. Do I need to draw you a map?
It's easy to get the students piled up with homework that will last a week, and the in class time is temporarily cut in half, and the home time, is picking up the slack.

All the students need to do now, is find a method of collaborating so their homework becomes a joy rather than a chore.
In all probability, Cliq would work.

Do you need the link? Here it is Cliq.  Its in the label Email and Collaboration.  I gave you the gang buster link in case you find anything else there of interest. 

That would mean to me, the Cliq teams could work together when necessary, especially when they are home on a keyboard in front of a CRT.  Every other week they would reunite in the class, which should have only 50% of the capacity utilized, which would give the students more elbow room, to keep their two meters, as best they can. 

The teacher has a full time job teaching. 

You don't need to find other floor space, and hire more teachers.

The bus driver has a full time job driving half the group one week, and the other half the group the next week.  

The school keeps it's budget, and mandate to socially keep students physically apart as much as possible, and there will be a weekly prize for the most original mask.  It must be hand made, and come from your own home, otherwise, it doesn't count.  So guys, start to learn how to use the sewing machine, while you are home every other week.  You just may win the prize! Right? 

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