My Pet Staircase

Serious poetry for serious people.


I've never known a dobermann
Whose owner was a sober man.
Something about that bastard dog
Drives its masters to the grog;
So I ate mine and bought a hog.

Tuesnight Day

Why say Tuesday is Tuesday
& tonight is Tuesday night?
Why not Tuesnight is Tuesnight
& today was Tuesnight day?
Why do we speak in a sun-centric way?
Is it 'cause we sleep when it's dark
& wake up when it's light?
Suppose I didn't sleep at all.
What would days be called?

Pudding Poem

This poem's about pudding,
Yes, pudding, I said!
It's a pudding poem
Made of rhyme soaked bread,
A bread pudding poem,
Yes, pudding, said I!
It's a poem pudding
Made of bread soaked in rhyme,
A bread poem pudding,
Though, it should be said,
This poem about pudding
Is a bit short of bread.