I wear a watch around my ankle
To tell time when I tie my shoes.
Time can be told at any angle,
Yes, any old angle you choose!

It can be told if you're right-way up,
It can be told if you're upside down,
It can be told if you're downside up,
It can be told if you're wrong-way down.

Sometimes I tell time at twenty degrees.
Sometimes I tell time when I'm on my knees.
Sometimes I don't even tell time, you see,
Sometimes time tells me!

How would you tell time if you were a goat
In a boat, set afloat on a moat?
Why, the same way I would if I were a fly,
Trying to spy on a nearby pie.

It's all very simple, this time stuff, you know?
One moment it comes, one moment it goes.
Some people call it 're-la-ti-vi-ty',
By that, they mean it revolves around me.

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