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Banana Weekly #2

Banana Weekly, the 2nd issue

And again, I'm picking out some of the most important posts for me from the past week and reflecting on them.
It's a best of with a twist. 🤩

Posts ✏️

Nur damit ich das richtig verstehe: Gründonnerstag sind Supermärkte zu, damit am Mittwoch zuvor und am Samstag noch mehr Leute darin kuscheln, ja? Supi.


Translated: Just so I'm clear, supermarkets are closed on Maundy Thursday so that more people can snuggle inside on the Wednesday before and Saturday, yes? Great.

What a mess. First Maundy Thursday was declared a holiday, so that supermarkets would also have to close, only to revoke exactly this a few days later. But it was also a nonsensical regulation. Corona-technically, although the vaccinations are going ahead, the incidence values are rising again. The government and the citizens are overwhelmed. It is time for all of this to end.

So many new users at Micro.blog! A 💜y welcome to all of you!


Micro.blog is booming with the recent integration with the tool Ulysses. As an Android user, I can't use the tool. But I am happy that this great network is growing.

*The Call of the Wild (2020) Review 🍿


Nicely done. Honest, heartfelt, sad.

I shed a few tears during the film. It touched me very much. It is not a feelgood movie. This one follows a faithful line, a life line if you will. That of the dog Buck. He meets many different people who walk a part of the way with him. In the end it is the wonderful Harrison Ford. Sometime before that, the at least equally wonderful Omar Sy.

It's a story of life. Invented? Yes, perhaps. Is Buck a CGI dog? Most certainly so. Did that bother me? Not in the least. It's a heartfelt adventure that I recommend without reservation.

My ★★★★ review of The Call of the Wild (2020) on @letterboxd: boxd.it/1KaXEr


Finally, a film again. And at the expense of sleep, I watched it in one piece. I think it was worth it.

This is Charly, and he has a story. Would you like to know it?


A slightly longer story about my past. About a teddy, about the birth of my first daughter, about long car rides, about the danger of microsleep in the car.

Sharing Techno. There's nothing else I can do.

Charles D (USA) - You 🎵


I've been listening to techno for a bit longer now and keep discovering gems in this genre. This track is one of them. Gladly I share this in my weekly summary once again.

Restart: 8 km running 🏃


I have been a big fan of running at least since my time in the German Armed Forces. Let's say: That's where I learned it. Before that, I was always out of breath right away. But the drill there and the unforgivable "RUN!" "motivated" me to endure even the greatest pain. The result: mental damage and the ability to run several miles without problems. I took advantage of that later. It became one of my favorite hobbies, or rather one of my favorite sports.

Photos of the week 📷

Construction site romance. 🌇



Exclusively at Banana Weekly ⭐


Get the most out of what you read

Readwise makes it easy to revisit and learn from your ebook & article highlights.

And another one of those great new services that I don't need because I never asked for it. Still, I think it's such a great idea that I signed up for it right away. My 4 marked Kindle quotes were imported immediately. (Haha) Thanks to my Mailbrew.com trial, they are now rotated there as well.

And again a week is over. Last week, I held back from reporting on the problems of the construction site. And lo and behold, apparently one or the other missed my written words about the small and big disasters. You asked for it, I will post again one or the other, but hold back for the most part, because it just annoys me too much myself.

But aside from that, I'm happy and proud to have finished my 2nd Banana Weekly! 🍌🥳

As always, HEY users can reply directly to the newsletter and tell me what they think. Positive, negative and everything in between - everything is allowed and okay. I look forward to chatting with you guys. :)

Have a great week and enjoy the Easter weekend! 🐰


Banana Weekly #1

Welcome to my first Banana Weekly!

In this weekly edition I pick my most important posts of the last week and even reflect on some of them.
It's a best of with a twist. 🤩

Posts ✏️

My kids usually sleep through from about 9pm in the evening until 8am in the morning. I am absolutely blessed in that respect. And even otherwise they are sometimes naughty but basically little angels. So I guess I did something right in my life after all. I love you two mice. Someday you'll read this. 💜


I'm sharing this little post again because it's very important for my heart and soul. Not necessarily because they usually sleep until 8 or 9 in the morning, but because it's my way of telling them how much I love them. They are my purpose in life.

Today: Insults at half price 🏡


You know what the good thing about the whole story is? Everyone present today got to see our floor slab builder in action. Everyone was insulted and treated like crap. So like me the last few weeks.



A long article about what can go wrong when building a house and how people behave afterwards (and while crap is being built). I don't want to say that one person alone is to blame, but unfortunately that's the way it is. Our floor slab builder is a disaster. In terms of human and craftsmanship. This "event" on Tuesday last week cost me and all involved a lot of strength. Too much. Strength that absolutely no one has in the current situation. Everyone was finally unnerved.

Elliot Page Is Ready for This Moment. 🏳️‍🌈 Great article worth reading.


A story about life that is not only black and white.

Where does my username come from? My username, which I now use almost everywhere, is a declaration of love to 2 of my childhood heroes: Bud Spencer & Terence Hill. The movie Banana Joe exists. And in the movie they sing "...oh Banana Joe...". 🥰


We'll leave that without comment. 😊

Yes, I am now with HEY. So sue me.

I'm weak, it was too tempting.

This is the list of HEY World users at Micro.blog. My address is there now too.

That's what I do with HEY World.

Yes, I will greet everyone who emails with me with "Hey!".


Pretty sure even HEY is a frustration buy for me. In the current situation, especially with the house construction, I am looking for small pleasures. HEY is not so small. It costs me, including tax, pretty much 100 EUR for 1 year. That is a lot of money for just an email address. Besides, I already pay money for an email service anyway. Nevertheless, I like HEY, very much in fact. That's why I did it. And someday I might switch to it completely. We'll see. Depends on whether some desired features are still coming or not.

Fun fact: This post has quite a few responses. HEY is one of the number 1 topics of conversation at Micro.blog.

Hardly any positive thoughts 🏡

Right now I am struggling with having positive thoughts. I want to get away from the eternal only fighting problems. I can't. I can't think of anything. Yes, I know... my family is healthy, I have a nice apartment and so on. There is enough. But that doesn't distract me. It doesn't steer my thoughts anywhere else. Everything is fixated on this house and the problems associated with it. On this intolerable floor slab builder. On the ventilation outlets, which we have to put all new after long planning in a small area that is just crap. And so on. It's such a shame. I had a high a few days when the house construction started that I haven't had in months. That's gone. It seems like a dream I had.

Here at Micro.blog I've been trying not to write anything about it since yesterday. You can tell it's not working. I try to write or share nice things. It rarely works out. I have the impression I have to do something good for you. I can't.

I am sorry, everybody. Sorry for the way I am.


Many at Micro.blog then cheered me up. Told me it was okay to get something like this off my chest. I know it is. Nevertheless, I am also afraid of offending someone. Thank you for being there for me.

Life is Strange: True Colors 🧡💙💚💛❤️ 🎮



The announcement trailer for Life is Strange 3 is here. The title is True Colors. A must buy for me. Life is Strange is one of the very few games that I have played through multiple times. A journey of emotions. I'm really looking forward to this sequel.

Photos of the week 📷

Exclusively at Banana Weekly ⭐

A find from last week that I haven't shared with you yet: All Futurama Opening Quotes.

So, that was it. My first throw in the matter of newsletter. I think I still have to polish the whole thing, but for the first version I like it already quite well. Did you enjoy it? If so, you can reply to this newsletter directly and send me a mail with your opinion about it. You can also reply if you didn't like it or if you have suggestions for improvement. 😊

I wish you a great week! 🌞