A thirtysomething, happily married soul from Germany. Daddy of two wonderful daughters. Tech Enthusiast, Product Owner, Frontend Developer, Designer, Cinema Lover, Music Listener. I ❤️ taking photos!

Banana Weekly #2

Banana Weekly, the 2nd issue And again, I'm picking out some of the most important posts for me from the past week and reflecting on them. It's a best of with a twist. 🤩 Posts ✏️ Nur damit ich das richtig verstehe: Gründonnerstag sind Supermärkte zu, damit am Mittwoch zuvor und am Samstag noch mehr Leute darin kuscheln, ja? Supi. Link Translated: Just so I'm clear, supermarkets are closed on Maundy Thursday so that more people can snuggle inside on the Wednesday before and Satur...
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Banana Weekly #1

Welcome to my first Banana Weekly! In this weekly edition I pick my most important posts of the last week and even reflect on some of them. It's a best of with a twist. 🤩 Posts ✏️ My kids usually sleep through from about 9pm in the evening until 8am in the morning. I am absolutely blessed in that respect. And even otherwise they are sometimes naughty but basically little angels. So I guess I did something right in my life after all. I love you two mice. Someday you'll read this...
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