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Friends. I don't believe that a best friend is always one person; or any number of people. You cannot expect one person, one friend, to be everything you need them to be. People will have best friends in all kinds of different ways. Maybe one of my friends is the best at being funny, maybe another is always supportive. My best friend is anyone I've ever met, and everyone I've ever thought twice of. What do you love? The smell of the grass on a hot summer day just before it turns to hay. The lau...
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beyond anything that could ever be.

I don't believe people die until their funerals, until they are viewed. A funeral makes it real. A funeral can kill any possibility of life. It can alter your views of the dead. Seeing someone, someone beyond life or beyond anything that could ever be, removes them from your life. From that moment on, all the memories become separated. Present becomes past, and past becomes 'before ____ died'. ...
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life and death

Let us think for a moment about being reborn. Babies scream when they are born at the sheer horror of being. What would you do if you were reborn? Would you bawl? Would you shake and pout because "This isn't what I wanted!" Would you cry and cry until the nurses handed you over to your mother? I didn't cry when my dog died. Hell, I didn't even care. I know I should've, but I couldn't bring myself to mind. Now that I have to put my cat down, I'm crying more than expected. I think I'm crying for ...
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i try so hard.

Once a young girl, barely sixteen, Her beauty and pain a sight to be seen. But though understanding, we didn't intervene. Lost in ignorance, forgetting what we'd gleaned. (above, but this is what my first draft was:) there was once a young woman, no older than 16. you'd look at her (hell, you couldn't not look at her) and you'd worry. you'd worry because you know she's a good person. you'd worry because she's a beautiful girl. and you'd think these things and understand shes been hurt. und...
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some thoughts.

Do we ever stop and think about our impact? On our ability to change, to alter, to dismantle. I fear as a civilization we have normalized the ability of creation and destruction. I used to lie about all aspects of myself. I would lie about my personality and my illnesses. I had pretended to have mental illnesses I didn't, so much so that I forgot who I was. I was so caught up in who I pretended to be, I lost sight of who I was, and how much I was struggling. By faking other ailments I ignored ...
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