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27 FEB - Philosophy of Blogging

The title a bit decieveing. I say blogging because this is the current medium of communication that you are probably reading and engaging with - but this can go into really a philosophy of writing (from my end) in general among the numerous form of styles that is presented - from essay style ish to more poetic toni morrison energy. So this is more of the why I write, write what I write and the blog too. I be thinking. With a combination of the mind being majorly analytical, and a soul being cu...
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16 FEB - BHM, Econ History, more

Intro: Happy Black history month y'all! Every day is always a reason to learn about Black history, but this month got historical roots to Dr. Carter G. Woodson and the establishment of negro history week in order for people to learn more about the buried history - LITERALLY - of Black history. It was designated February to be the month because of the birthdays of Lincoln (11th) and Douglass (14th). Lincoln aint even liked Black people all dat but at least he wasn't a Andrew Jackson. Black his...
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16 JAN - Introducton, Social Media, Mass Media, and Social Mathematics

Introduction: The most important dire feature of this blog is that there is an account of my thoughts, and somewhere written something that one time I thought had down the line be a potential benefit to the humans. As in these times of brutal, terror producing capitalism, climate destabilization, and where people are realizing their humanity, and trying to go against the ideas they once thought was important to them, it is important to read, talk about topics that were once taboo, and do someth...
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around 7 during winter break

test test test...hello world! ...
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