Nicholas A. Ferrell

I am the administrator and editor of The New Leaf Journal ( and The Emu Café Social ( Here at The New Leaf Daily, I will link to the newest articles on the NLJ and ECS as well as my other posts from around the web. I will also include links to projects from people connected to NLJ and ECS as well as the occasional interesting link from around the web. Despite the name -- I may miss days here and there, but this should serve as a fun way to keep up with my latest posts (you can subscribe via email or RSS). Feel free to leave a comment in the Guestbook.

Thursday, Mar 28, 2024 (Sign of Review)

I slacked a bit on daily updates, but I return with our new posts from March 28. New New Leaf Journal Articles I published two new New Leaf Journal articles today. An article about a scam game on the LG TV store led me to suggest not buying any games from a "smart" TV store. Even the non-scam games are probably bad. After writing five articles about hair ...
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Saturday, Feb 24, 2024 (Catching up)

I missed a couple of days of updates, so let us catch up here. I wrote a New Leaf Journal article introducing my new feed aggregator site. One-Page Feed Aggregator Site The feed experiment works well. I am not sure how often it pulls but it seems to be often enough. Next, I published a (somewhat) humorous article about a Instagram (I mean "Pinstagram") in the second season of Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki-kun. Tomozaki Anime and Big Tech Social Media This prove...
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Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024 (Rooted Edition)

Let's check in on the goings on at The New Leaf Journal and related projects... The New Leaf Journal I posted my third article on hair color in the ongoing A Sign of Affection anime adaptation. This article covered some interesting hair color notes (interesting if you are a fellow anime hair color anthropologist) from episode 7. It follows my studies of Yuki Itose's hair color in episode 2 and Itsuomi Nagi's hair color ...
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Monday, Feb 19, 2024 (Middle Presidents' Day)

Let's check in on Presidents' Day posts... The New Leaf Journal I published an article about the four U.S. presidents who used their middle names as first names. I had originally planned to use WordPress' native footnotes. However, they thought back enough that I went with a new system for this post. New Project: Pressed Leaf Reader I created a single page feed aggreagator site for my projects with https://p...
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Introduction (Feb. 18, 2024)

I will use this Standard Notes listed blog to post links to my newest articles and posts from around the web along with others related to The New Leaf Journal and The Emu Café Social. I may also include some interesting links from around the web. The blog should be updated close to daily and make for a good addition to my more substantive weekly newsletter, but I am not committing to updates every day. Feel free to subscribe via RSS or Email and leave a comment in the Guestbook. ...
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