I'm Hafiz, a Malaysian who has been watching Eurovision Song Contest since 2010. I'll be sharing my opinions about all things Eurovision.

Episode 3: Voilà

Sunday, 5 Nov 2023 I will talk about Eurovision today, specifically focusing on "Voilà" sung by Barbara Pravi, who represented France in Eurovision 2021. "Voilà" is a great song, and it comes to mind when I think about her victory. I'm trying to recall the name of the national selection in France in 2021—it's something like Eurovision: C'est vous qui décidez, I can't quite remember. Regardless, she won, and I would have been disappointed if she hadn't. It's a very French song, both in genre ...
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Episode 2: The Dream

Wednesday, 1 Nov 2023 I've got another one. Roko, who sang "The Dream," representing Croatia in Eurovision 2019. Yeah, I love that song. I believe he won Dora, Croatia's national selection for Eurovision in 2019. Some people say it's cheesy, and I kind of agree, but it's still a good song. I really, really like it. Then, I think he performed his song again, maybe in the year after, possibly in 2020. It was a longer version of "The Dream," and the most Eurovision part of his song, he sang it ...
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Episode 1: 2000 and Whatever

Wednesday, 1 Nov 2023 Bonjour. Today, I want to talk about Eurovision. I don't know if any of you know this song from 2000 and Whatever from... I honestly forgot who performed it. Oh my God, Let me check it first. Electric Fields! They performed it in Australia's national selection for Eurovision 2019. I've listened to all the songs, and this one stood out because it was different compared to the others. We all knew that staging this song would be difficult because it has challenging elements...
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