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On public writing

I write a lot. I like to write, a lot. I write for thinking, and often thinking without writing feels like trying to remember one song while another song is playing: a feat of raw mental strength. I write in English, though I mostly don’t think in English, because it has a more utilitarian feel to it. When I write in Portuguese, I often get lost in “that’s a beautiful word”, or "that sentence flows so well”. Of course, that says more about my ability to produce written English than the aestheti...
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Yet another change in platform

Let's face it, if I were to actually write things, I would have done it by now. No, I'm all about the tinkering, and it's about time I accepted it. I'm looking for the most frictionless way possible of publishing to my blog, so I can not publish what I write at maximum speed. WriteFreely is great: easy to install: it's just a fat binary easy on resources: it's running on a tiny cloud VM now, but I've served it from my Raspberry Pi for a while. That was a great, energy-efficient way of serving...
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Things I want to let go of

In no particular order. Listening to podcasts. I'm very fond of podcasts. Having something interesting to listen to all the time has gotten me to walk more, do more dishes, and enjoy an otherwise bad commute (remember those?) Plus, like any new medium, it feels like a close community: there are so many creators I feel very close to. Many years in, however, the downsides are very clear: constant craving for novelty and entertainment, mindlessness, reluctance to connect to people nearby (the few...
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How does `pwd` operate?

After re-reading some of the papers from Bell Labs, something clicked in my mind, and I'm hooked. I'm now reading "The UNIX Programming Environment", by Kernighan and Pike. It's got that fun style you're probably familiar with, if you've read K&R or the blue book. One of the first exercise questions, on the chapter on file systems: (harder) How does the pwd command operate? Seems like a fun one. My first guess is that it used $PWD from the environment. Let's test that. ~ % PWD=/usr/local...
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