Updated: 2021-05-04

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Curbing my smartphone addiction

  • Because it’s the gateway to other bad habits

  • Because it makes a travesty of real human interaction by taking it to the limit of shallowness

  • Because I want to choose every day how I spend my time

  • Because I don’t want to covet consumption devices whenever a corporation tells me to

  • Because these devices are tainted with blood and tears from slave labour

  • Because my attention belongs to the Lord, and must not be sold to the highest bidder

I am therefore getting rid of my smartphone. I’m still reachable on my mobile phone, but only if you call or text me. For friends and family overseas, I’m working on setting up a number to relay calls.

It feels strange to call this a “project” or something I’m “doing” now — this is all about not doing. Still, it’s something that occupies my mind a lot of the time, so I’ll take the effort to be deliberate.

Ketogenic diet

When I was in college, I had loads of energy. I never had difficulty waking up, working out, or studying for long periods. All of that is gone, 5 years later, and my diet is to blame. So I’m getting back to good old habits: fasting and dieting. I have committed to staying on keto for at the very least 2~3 weeks, but, a week in, I feel so great, I’m not planning on going back any time soon.

I sleep better, I have more energy, and a lot more drive to get things done. It’s also an entirely different experience, dieting now, compared to dieting as a broke college student: there’s plenty of good keto food out there.

That sets a limit to the amount of exercise I can reasonably do, however: I’ve put a hold on climbing and lifting. I’m now focusing on cardio. I learned to enjoy the rowing machine. We’ll be good friends for the next few weeks.

Here’s a deep dive in case you’re interested. I’m also reading The Ketogenic Diet by the excellent, excellent Lyle McDonald.

Outliner editor

I’m putting this out there in the hopes it makes me more likely to stick with it. I’m enjoying using Standard Notes, but it lacks an org-mode-like outlining functionality. It turns out the API they expose is very reasonable, so I thought I’d give this one a try. It’s very early stage, so I haven’t pushed it anywhere yet, but it will be on my sourcehut soon.