I'm a programmer at an investment bank. I've been a programmer in a few startups before that, most recently in the fields of security and machine vision.

Born in Brazil. Living in England.

Contact me

Please do. I'm at underscore AT gclv DOT es — or anything at this domain, really.

Heads up: I have long rants on the following topics:

  • how it sucks that "crypto" came to mean "cryptocurrency" rather than "cryptography", and how that impacts silly comments I've written online
  • how sucky modern laptops are (and how the Thinkpad X220 is the best laptop ever)
  • how intellectual property is an oxymoron — and how easy it is for me to make such statements, since I don't have any
  • how "bank-grade security" (alternative, "military-grade") is a term invented by startups more keen on hoarding user data than in keeping it safe