Going through changes. 🍸 🌊
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going there, being there

We're going to a gala on Friday. Obviously I won't be drinking -- I am both nervous and excited about it. Socializing without alcohol is a totally new thing for me. In that past booze was the main draw, often the only reason I went. I wanted the booze and I needed it to take the edge off because I really had little interest in being at the party.

Being present will be different.

Last night my wife informed me I'd be driving home because she planned on having some drinks. After some hesitation, she asked if that was insensitive of her, wondered if it would bother me.

I mind and I am envious. But what I said, which is true, is that I really don't have any right to ask her not to drink. She isn't the one with a problem. She didn't do anything wrong; I guess I didn't do anything wrong either. But I can't drink responsibly.

I'd really love to get messy with a bottle of vodka. How foolish.

Something for day 2


Day two was merely a meditation; it was a consideration represented by an ellipses. The day was busy, spent largely in transit and while I did not write anything I am not resetting the counter. I am going to allow it.