Dispelling Doubts

“Tell me not, in mournful numbers,

Life is but an empty dream!

For the soul is dead that slumbers,

And things are not what they seem”

Even though people don’t consider negentropy a law of the universe for all intents it is. Negentropy is a transcendental force beyond the human realm, people capable of harnessing this negentropy energy will prosper and those who refuse to will be left behind.

Desire for growth and desire to produce is an innate human desire. Throughout history man has found new vehicles and modes to put his desire to create and build to action. From bands and tribes to guilds from nations to commonwealths all these endeavours are founded with the goal to create and propagate.

Creation achieves only one goal. That is the creation of time. Time is moves forward due to entropy the change in the state of matter from an ordered to an unordered state is the arrow of time. But what if we could reverse it? What if we took unordered elements and ordered them reversed the course of time itself.

That should be ones greatest ambition to reverse the course of time itself.

The best vehicle to achieve these aims is the city. The city is the epitome of what it means to create and live rather then merely survive. The city embodies creative destruction. Old forms are torn up and new ones erected. To fulfil ones desire to build and create the city is the best mode. It is just the right size not too big not too small, the city is where the destiny of any creative mode of being lies.

This brings us to our topic at hand charter cities or start up cities.

We are stuck in the modern state. We are stuck in the state built to serve the people of the railway era the radio era and the television era. None of todays states are built to serve the needs of the internet era.

The internet era has made it impossible to govern a large country. The discourse that the state relied on controlling to keep its citizens in check not physically but memetically has been destroyed. There exists no single discourse no set of agreed upon facts. How do you govern a mass of people like todays internet denizens?

You govern the internet age by disbanding the old model of 50+1 percent democracy and switch to the age of 100 percent democracy.

Where the fundamental right of any citizen is not freedom of speech, movement or religion but freedom to exit. Freedom to exit is the greatest freedom the freedom to opt out of a raw deal is the real freedom. Like revolts of the past this will be a revolt too a revolt against a raw deal that was not chosen by us but was just thrust upon us.

The spearhead of this revolution is the charter city. Unlike a country one can always leave a start up city and go to another city. The ability to vote with ones feet which was denied to us till date has become a reality.

Another advantage of a charter city is the the lack of a bureaucracy. A charter city is run like a start up and it inherits the greatest feature of a start up the ability to change. The ability pivot quickly allows for cities to act quickly to new challenges thus ensuring that these cities are not hindered due to their lack of pace.

Charter cities might inspire some fear among some. This fear comes primarily from seeing the old ways die but this fear is unfounded. Start up cities have been the norm through out history and the modern state is the exception to the rule. Cities such as Urbino in Italy and Chennai in India are historic examples of such a model. While the old state of affairs with small kingdoms and alliances might be making a return in the modern world.

The future is bright and full of possibilities for one who wishes to cease these opportunities only their imagination is the limit.

“In the world’s broad field of battle,

In the bivouac of Life,

Be not like dumb, driven cattle!

Be a hero in the strife!”

Unlikely way to Build The Future

Some fundamental facts of life have been ignored causing much angst and trouble. This fact is considered by many to be beyond the pale and is never brought up in general discussion, this needs to change. This problem is root cause of all other problems, and solving the problem will lead to greater prosperity and harmony.

The problem I speak about is the problem of variance amongst humans specifically cognitive variance. Ones cognitive ability is largely determined by ones genetic makeup. It is extremely hard to almost impossible to improve cognitive ability.

We know that cognitive ability is genetic in nature. Somewhere between 50 to 70 percent of cognitive ability is determined before the child is even born since cognitive ability is genetic.

The problem has one medium term and another long term solution.

The medium term solution involves two technologies of genetic testing and predictive powers of computers.

Over time the cost of genetic testing has fallen through the roof this has allowed us test a greater number of people. The greater number of people we test the more we will learn about specific genes and their impact on cognitive ability. This combined with invitro fertilisation and stem cell derived gametes will allow us to choose fertilised gametes that have a higher number of genes that correspond to greater cognitive ability.

The long term option is use CRISPR technology which allows us to implant new genes and cut out old genes to insert genes corresponding with better cognitive ability.

With falling birth rates amongst the rich and more educated (wealth and education are proxies for cognitive ability) these steps are required more than ever if we are to maintain a standard of living that is comparable to that of our ancestors.



To be human is to imagine and to flourish as a human is to bring your imagination to life.

To be a machine is to remember and to recall to flourish as a machine to remember more and recall quicker than any other machine.


Do the mediums we use to communicate more than just mediums. The mediums we use to communicate are in themselves a type of communication. The medium influences and incentivises different styles and substances. If a medium were to nudge a message into a different form hasn’t the medium changed the message. And if the control a medium has over its message is so great wouldn’t that mean that in a sense the medium it self is part of the message. This ability of a medium to be part of the message has great repercussions for not just the message but people who live witht he message.


Present political problems or at least their framing and debate all have one root problem. The problem is how does one adapted the politics of the television age to the internet age

The television age was an age where the whole country or mass of people were on the same wavelength. The whole discourse was control by a central entity.

Control of discourse is the most important function in politics. For whoever controls the narrative has authority and whoever has authority has power and control.

The dream throughout the twentieth century has been to expand the reach of tele-media . The final form of tele-media was the phone combined with the internet.


The phone combined with the internet was supposed to herald the peak of the tele-media world. But it has betrayed expectations. Instead of acting as an unifier it has fragmented the discourse. The discourse has fragmented no one has authority over the discourse anymore.

Along with fragmentation has come over-abundance. We are seeing too much of everything. Things that used to take time are faster than ever, information more abundant than ever.

Abundance has caused minds that were not designed for it to tune out and switch off. Instead of an a single discourse, discourse has become niche and scattered . We have formed villages in the cloud. People are beginning to know others from half way around the world than their own next door neighbours.

The most cutting edge technologies have returned us to medieval times. We have moved from physical villages to virtual villages and as it goes with villages different villages don’t get along well with each other.


The democracy we have today is a television democracy. It is based on having the whole nation on the same type of discourse and voicing their opinions about that discourse.

The challenge facing us is what happens when fragmented discourses with differences verging on the religious clash with each other.

We stand at the dusk of the television era.

The transition from medieval to modern was tumultuous the transition from modern to medieval promises to be just as if not even more tumultuous.

If nothing else is guaranteed one thing is, and that is that the future will be nothing like the past. Truly

welcome to the brave new world

Dissecting Communism

Altruism:- Unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others

Callous:- Feeling no emotion


All political and cultural movements are headed by a small number of people on top. That is a fact of political action. Any movement that does not operate in a top down manner quickly fizzles out and achieves nothing.


The will to power is the fundamental driving force behind human behaviour. The will to power is the desire to exercise control over others. Every human exercises this will to power either consciously or unconsciously.


Empathy is the bond of society. By putting ourselves in others shoes we are able to feel for them and that feeling is what drives us to charity to help a person who is suffering. This feeling of empathy and feeling for your fellow man is essential to how societies function.


A common fallacy that one encounters is the is-ought fallacy. This is especially true when it comes to communism. It is often seen that one confuses what ought to be to what is. And bases a whole system of beliefs in the real of what ought to be instead what of what really is. This can be seen very clearly in communism where it conflates what ought to be (everyone being equal) to what is ( people being different from each other thus unequal)


A political formula is a pattern of thinking that allows a subject to support the organized minority that rules over him. An effective political formula convinces the subject to feel a sense of political power, that convinces him that he is part of the ruling minority(regardless of if he is actually part of it or not).


Defining communism:-

communism is a political formula that uses ones will to power combined with our empathetic response to someone else’s hardship and combines that with a fallacy about human nature to empower a small ruling class to violently cease power for itself .

Or to put in a different way its callous altruism in other words it combines the goodness of altruism and the evil of callousness and in the process benefits no one and harms everyone.