Unlikely way to Build The Future

Some fundamental facts of life have been ignored causing much angst and trouble. This fact is considered by many to be beyond the pale and is never brought up in general discussion, this needs to change. This problem is root cause of all other problems, and solving the problem will lead to greater prosperity and harmony.

The problem I speak about is the problem of variance amongst humans specifically cognitive variance. Ones cognitive ability is largely determined by ones genetic makeup. It is extremely hard to almost impossible to improve cognitive ability.

We know that cognitive ability is genetic in nature. Somewhere between 50 to 70 percent of cognitive ability is determined before the child is even born since cognitive ability is genetic.

The problem has one medium term and another long term solution.

The medium term solution involves two technologies of genetic testing and predictive powers of computers.

Over time the cost of genetic testing has fallen through the roof this has allowed us test a greater number of people. The greater number of people we test the more we will learn about specific genes and their impact on cognitive ability. This combined with invitro fertilisation and stem cell derived gametes will allow us to choose fertilised gametes that have a higher number of genes that correspond to greater cognitive ability.

The long term option is use CRISPR technology which allows us to implant new genes and cut out old genes to insert genes corresponding with better cognitive ability.

With falling birth rates amongst the rich and more educated (wealth and education are proxies for cognitive ability) these steps are required more than ever if we are to maintain a standard of living that is comparable to that of our ancestors.

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