Dissecting Communism

Altruism:- Unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others

Callous:- Feeling no emotion


All political and cultural movements are headed by a small number of people on top. That is a fact of political action. Any movement that does not operate in a top down manner quickly fizzles out and achieves nothing.


The will to power is the fundamental driving force behind human behaviour. The will to power is the desire to exercise control over others. Every human exercises this will to power either consciously or unconsciously.


Empathy is the bond of society. By putting ourselves in others shoes we are able to feel for them and that feeling is what drives us to charity to help a person who is suffering. This feeling of empathy and feeling for your fellow man is essential to how societies function.


A common fallacy that one encounters is the is-ought fallacy. This is especially true when it comes to communism. It is often seen that one confuses what ought to be to what is. And bases a whole system of beliefs in the real of what ought to be instead what of what really is. This can be seen very clearly in communism where it conflates what ought to be (everyone being equal) to what is ( people being different from each other thus unequal)


A political formula is a pattern of thinking that allows a subject to support the organized minority that rules over him. An effective political formula convinces the subject to feel a sense of political power, that convinces him that he is part of the ruling minority(regardless of if he is actually part of it or not).


Defining communism:-

communism is a political formula that uses ones will to power combined with our empathetic response to someone else’s hardship and combines that with a fallacy about human nature to empower a small ruling class to violently cease power for itself .

Or to put in a different way its callous altruism in other words it combines the goodness of altruism and the evil of callousness and in the process benefits no one and harms everyone.

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