Mx Adėl Stichweh

I used to be a dancer I guess

What trans, nonbinary and genderqueer mean to me ("new name" addendum)

If you're looking for some detail about terminology, I suggest paying this website a visit: But here's a short version: Trans means “across”, and cis means “on the same side”. So cisgender and transgender mean: if your actual gender is aligned with the gender that was assigned to you at your birth (aka. AGAB = assigned gender at birth), you’re cis (eg. you were assigned female at birth and identify as a woman). If your gender and your AGAB don't align, you’re trans (eg. you were...
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Hi, my name is Adėl

Hi there :) My name is Adėl. I’ve been called Adėl since December 2023 and I’ve been asked many questions about this. In order to answer some of them all at once, I wrote this text. I'd appreciate it greatly if you read the text fully before replying or commenting. Thanks! I originally wrote this text as an announcement for the Lindy Hop community. Shortly after having written it, though, I decided to stop Lindy Hop (I filmed a video about this, available on youtube, insta or fb). I removed m...
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