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Things to Keep in Mind While Picking Online TEFL/TESOL Program

A TESOL or TEFL certificate is mandatory while teaching English online. You must enroll in a TESOL or TEFL program before becoming a professional English teacher online. However, many schools offer these courses. Consequently, you must choose a TESOL or TEFL course that fulfills all the requirements and is legitimate.

Confused about the key factors you must consider while choosing an online TEFL or TESOL program? Don't Worry; we've got you covered! This article covers all the main parameters you must consider while picking a TESOL or TEFL course.

5 Key Factors you must Consider while Picking an Online TESOL or TEFL Program

Listed below are five primary factors you must keep in mind while selecting an online TESOL or TEFL program:

Duration of The Course

One of the most critical factors to consider while choosing a TESOL or TEFL program is the duration of the program. Choose a TEFL program that has flexible timings. However, your chosen TEFL or TESOL course must cover the mandatory 100 hours of academic studies and 20 hours of teaching practice. Unless that many hours of material are covered, your course is invalid.


Accreditation increases the credibility of the course and assures that the course is valid and will meet industry standards. Accreditation also means that the course will provide you with the required knowledge and cover the required number of hours. A valid certificate is important to get a job.

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Practicum Classes

One of the critical points you must look after while choosing a TEFL or TESOL course is to ensure that there are practicum classes in your course. Without a practicum class, you cannot imbibe the skills required for teaching. Therefore, go for TESOL courses that have a practicum class facility.

Cost of the Course

The cost of the TEFL or TESOL course is one of the most vital factors you must consider while selecting your TEFL course. The cost of your chosen TEFL or TESOL course must be affordable and contain all the required facilities like practicum classes etc.

Qualifications of The Instructors

You must ensure that the instructors of the TESOL or TEFL course you chose must be qualified. Check the teachers' qualifications before enrolling in the TESOL course online.


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How to Choose the Right English Course For You


If you are thinking about enrolling at the top english language course online, you should understand that online live sessions with the instructor and worldwide peers in the classroom make the course most effective. It is due to an immersive and interactive experience created within the classroom.

Five Handy Tips and Perks for Selecting the Best Online English Courses

1. Get to know about various cultures

Attending an online program with real-time video sessions is a fantastic way of sharing your piece of the world with other students and vice versa. Moreover, you would get the opportunity to discover other people's mindsets, attitudes, and traditions.
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Which is an excellent approach to expanding your own consciousness and perception of our interconnected globe. You get to see the world from different perspectives as students might come from Brazil, Japan, India, or any other part of the world.

2. Connect with students globally

Joining a course with a diverse global and multicultural student community is a fantastic way to network with people from all over the globe in the online environment. It establishes an instantaneous link between students and inspires them to continue enhancing their speaking skills.

3. Discover true English culture

Students desiring to take up British English courses could also get the opportunity to learn further about British culture. Choose a course taught by UK resident teachers that are willing to express their home country's culture and traditions. Simultaneously, hearing genuine spoken English is an excellent approach to improving your proficiency and learning hard english words to say.

4. Consider the class size

Interaction in a serene atmosphere in your virtual class is the form of spoken skill you would find incredibly valuable and effective. You'll have to support one another and collaborate by utilizing English as the medium. Hence, while looking for the best online English courses with certificates, better to inspect the batch size. If there are too many students, one won't get much exposure and practice with spoken English.

5. Prefer real-time/live courses

The major benefit of learning English through a pre-recorded online course is that you can plan your study at your convenience. But enrolling in a live online program is even better since your experienced English instructor can pinpoint your errors and correct them on the spot. Also, due to their expertise and supreme command over the language, they can assist you in perfecting your pronunciation and lead you through the intricacies and subtleties of the English language.


Consider the above-discussed points while selecting from the top online English courses, and go for the one that best suits your needs. The ultimate advice is to prefer a live course, as it expedites the learning process by bringing in discipline and the teacher's expertise.

Common Misconceptions About American Sign Language

Common Misconceptions About American Sign Language

ASL, an abbreviation for American Sign Language, is the most commonly used sign language in the United States and Canada. Approximately 250,000-500,000 people of all age groups use it as their first language for communication.

After English and Spanish, ASL is the third most widely used language in the United States. Many have a misconception that ASL is pure English, or it takes the physical form of the English that people use every day. The fact is, more than English, ASL is closer to Japanese and Navajo.

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It refers to the so-called visual gesture language and components created for easy visual recognition, as the "listener" must use their eyes to "receive" information. The "gesture" component refers to the body movement or "sign" performed to convey a message.

Misconceptions About ASL

An American who speaks English fluently can understand any other person who speaks English like an Australian or Britisher. But a person who has learned ASL may not be able to comprehend who signs in British Sign Language (BSL) or even Auslan.

ASL is just not about moving hands and gestures - it’s a lot more. You can get your American sign language certification online and learn this valuable language.

Let us now look at the 5 common misconceptions about ASL.

# 1: ASL is pure english

As you may have noticed, ASL has little to do with spoken English in practice and is not a type of signed expression for English words. ASL has unique sentence patterns and symbols for different words and ideas. The main features of ASL are:

  • Hand shape
  • Palm alignment
  • Hand gesture
  • Hand position
  • Features of gestures such as facial expressions and postures

When using English with finger letters, hand gestures generally specify the English alphabet but this is a separate element of signed communication and not a part of ASL.

# 2: ASL is a shorthand/an easy to learn a language or simply an abbreviation

Another common misunderstanding about ASL is that it uses symbols and abbreviations and is a form of rapid communication. This misunderstanding stems from the fact that there are no components described in ASL. It is wrong to call ASL an abbreviation because ASL is a complex language system with its own language components.

# 3: ASL is similar to British Sign Language

The United States spoken English is quite similar (other than the accent) to British spoken English. This thought gives rise to the misconception that ASL is almost the same as BSL (British Sign Language). The fact is that there is a vast difference between the two. ASL follows the French Sign Language, while BSL has its roots in Australian and New Zealander Sign Language.

# 4: ASL is Fingerspelling

With ASL, finger writing has no equivalence to ASL and is only reserved for using words from English for proper nouns and jargon. For example, the finger can be used for personal names, locations, titles, and brands by representing alphabets.

The finger alphabet in ASL has 22 hand shapes, which, when held in a particular position or movement, represent the 26 letters of the English alphabet. You can join the ASL learn online course to learn everything about hand shapes.

# 5: Lip reading is an effective substitute for learning sign language

It is estimated that hearing-impaired people can read only 30% of English. Lip reading is a one-way communication method and is not effective. Lip reading requires a lot of practice and is difficult. It is unlikely that a speaker will be as good at lip reading as someone proficient in ASL.

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Learning ASL requires a lot of practice and determination. You just have to get started. You can take the sign language level 1 course online if you want to learn it. Learning ASL is fun, engaging, interactive, educational, and very helpful in several cases and situations. It adds to your portfolio and makes it strong, as it’s an altogether new language that you have the know-how of.