Things to Keep in Mind While Picking Online TEFL/TESOL Program

A TESOL or TEFL certificate is mandatory while teaching English online. You must enroll in a TESOL or TEFL program before becoming a professional English teacher online. However, many schools offer these courses. Consequently, you must choose a TESOL or TEFL course that fulfills all the requirements and is legitimate.

Confused about the key factors you must consider while choosing an online TEFL or TESOL program? Don't Worry; we've got you covered! This article covers all the main parameters you must consider while picking a TESOL or TEFL course.

5 Key Factors you must Consider while Picking an Online TESOL or TEFL Program

Listed below are five primary factors you must keep in mind while selecting an online TESOL or TEFL program:

Duration of The Course

One of the most critical factors to consider while choosing a TESOL or TEFL program is the duration of the program. Choose a TEFL program that has flexible timings. However, your chosen TEFL or TESOL course must cover the mandatory 100 hours of academic studies and 20 hours of teaching practice. Unless that many hours of material are covered, your course is invalid.


Accreditation increases the credibility of the course and assures that the course is valid and will meet industry standards. Accreditation also means that the course will provide you with the required knowledge and cover the required number of hours. A valid certificate is important to get a job.

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Practicum Classes

One of the critical points you must look after while choosing a TEFL or TESOL course is to ensure that there are practicum classes in your course. Without a practicum class, you cannot imbibe the skills required for teaching. Therefore, go for TESOL courses that have a practicum class facility.

Cost of the Course

The cost of the TEFL or TESOL course is one of the most vital factors you must consider while selecting your TEFL course. The cost of your chosen TEFL or TESOL course must be affordable and contain all the required facilities like practicum classes etc.

Qualifications of The Instructors

You must ensure that the instructors of the TESOL or TEFL course you chose must be qualified. Check the teachers' qualifications before enrolling in the TESOL course online.


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