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Journey to Become a Developer

It's been years since the first time I wanted to at least be able to program. Probably at the late 2000s, around 2008 to be exact. Now it's 2023 already. I am not in my late teenage years no more, I am in my 30s already right now. But I still keep this dream. To be able to program is a wonder in my point of view. You are able to make the computer work as you intend. Maybe not the computer as a whole, but at least you will be able to create a website that works like you want it to. For instance ...
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My Problem With Dark Mode

When I first saw dark mode on an IDE, I was so excited as it looks so awesome and pleasing to see that the syntax has several different colors. Then a few years later, the trend catched on. Dark Mode is everywhere. I love dark mode, or similar color schemes on IDE as always. But when we talk about notes apps, or blogs, reading paragraphs of text makes me feel nauseous. I can't stand reading things on dark mode with bright text color. That's why I disable dark mode on any of my notes apps. But w...
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Testing Super Note Type on Standard Notes

Hello I just saw this new note type that is currently in Beta. Super note type allows us to have a "block" like experience in the platform. A type that's so popular nowadays used by some notable apps, like Notion. Let's try this new note type then. This is a Heading 1 This is a Heading 2 This is a Heading 3 Look at the table NoItemTypeDescription I can't delet this column12345123451234512345 The table can't be seen on the Listed Blog Embedding image from URL: Wow, the image attachmen...
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Testing The Listed Blog

Hello World! This is my first post on Listed blogging platform. Glad that I finally can post here as I use WordPress as my primary blogging platform. Cheers to everyone of you who made it here. *this is actually a great idea from Standard Notes team, to allow us post blogs from the secured note taking app. ...
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