Journey to Become a Developer

It's been years since the first time I wanted to at least be able to program. Probably at the late 2000s, around 2008 to be exact. Now it's 2023 already. I am not in my late teenage years no more, I am in my 30s already right now. But I still keep this dream.

To be able to program is a wonder in my point of view. You are able to make the computer work as you intend. Maybe not the computer as a whole, but at least you will be able to create a website that works like you want it to. For instance a custom personal blog.

I have been attending some online courses from udemy, coursera, youtube, etc. I bought some books too. One of them is the legendary Jon Duckett's books (HTML, CSS, Javascript), which I bought 5 years ago, and guess what? I haven't completely read them.

I was sort of trying to give up this dream, but I couldn't completely do so. There's still that fire inside to conquer this challenges. And surely it will be a massive journey.

I didn't study programming, I just love it though.

In this post I will write my journeys to become a software developer. For now my focus is to become a web developer. We'll see where I can end up.

Here are the notes:

  1. Online courses are useful, often times are boring.
  2. People say that practicing it makes it better instead of just watching or reading tutorials.
  3. I have another class tonight, I can't always follow the materials since I think that I will practice coding on my own that I think it will be a lot better. Am I wrong? We'll see after I really do it.

to be continued...

Wednesday, Jun 7, 20232:06 AM

  • Today I continue learning about version control on Coursera. I just think that watching the online course for this specific topic is kinda abstract. I need to practice it for sure.

Saturday, Jun 24, 20237:34 PM

  • Learning React from Coursera (by Meta), even though wouldn't be easy at all and seems like no progress, I have to keep learning.

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