John The Apostle

This journal documents the happenings of an unprecedented time in human kind history. It will also include automatic writings. John's human psyche Sam channels directly from the source. John was told to start scribing in blog form so that it is public. That was Sep 21, 2020. This journal is not intended for everyone. This Journal is intended for those on the path of awakening. Only read if the entries resonate with you. (This journal's narrator is Sam, Sam's higher-self is John the Apostle. "Father" refers to the universal consciousness, many call it God, or whatever resonates with them better.) Submit your serious questions or talk to Sam on Element. Name of Chatroom: JohnTheApostle Link to Room: https://matrix.to/#/#johntheapostle:matrix.org

May 11, 2021 - Father's Message to Humanity

Hello world.

The greeting above is one many programmers of your age is very familiar with. And this message is a program in of itself. As I speak, my channel is typing on the computer, recording everything I am saying to her. This channel has a strong hearing capacity and so she likes to record things. Unbeknownst to herself, this hearing power of hers is a pattern in her soul line which she has come to find out recently.

Why do I mention this? Because inside each of you there is a line of not only ancestral memories from your human lineages, but also one of your soul lineage. This soul lineage connects all beings to the ethereal versions of you that you're trying desperately to manifest but cannot do so affectively. This ineffectiveness in manifestation of your truer versions is called interference. Like a signal being jammed midway and hard to interpret from the receiving end. You may ask so "What jams the signal for us all?" It's your inner programs. Ask not what external devices are in use to jam your signal. You do your own jamming all by yourself. Programs that have come into your bodies from lineages of suffering and powerlessness. That which is inside each of you is not being used to its full capacity.

Therefore, it is time to clean up the inner spaces by allowing for greater outer spaces. Don't be so quick to condemn the "social distancing" as acts of control for those of you who seem to think you're so awake. Fore there is a grander purpose in everything. Closing in on the self will bring into light all the ignored patterns and maketh oneself face the programs that have dwelled inside all along. And for those of you who sees a fight in sovereignty, ye shall lead the way into the fight for all those who do not yet realize what is at stake. And for those whom are ignited by the divisiveness and acts upon it by condemnation of others, ye shall realize that ye are the same as those whom you seek to condemn. It's a game after all. Each of you a main player in your game that is your life. With each choice you make, ye shall see the reflection of yourself and grow more aware of your own programs within. Which to keep, which to throw away, all up to you. Therefore take some self responsibility when you play your game, because no one else is playing this for you nor in your place. Who is to blame for the burning houses do you think?

Each time you come and you go and the same cycles are repeated, oh how long will it take for ye all to realize the same principals that ye all share is a simple one. One of higher unity which means ye are one and there is no division. Division comes from comparison. And comparison comes from the illusion of the self being separated from others. Therefore, it matters not how ye are divided, the conclusions are the same, they are illusions, like magic tricks on stage to create a false perception by diversion of the eyes so that the reality you experience is the false one. But enjoy the show while you're at it because it isn't going to last forever, for when the walls come down and the building is on fire, ye all will be jolted awake and be forced to live in reality for what it is. And what will you choose? To burn down with the house, or rebuild a greater reality?

Simple it is not, for the mind that have clouded your judgements since the days of the pre-school age is most prominently honored in your age. And why? So ye shall bravely choose the mind over the heart? Ignore the children's feelings the same way your feelings were ignored when you were children? How must one evolve past the sins of the past if ye only dwell upon the past? If ye dwell on the past then ye creates a future like the past. If ye focus on the future then ye shall ignore all the things you have in the present moment. Either way ye have failed to see what is really your life. You live in denial of your life being good and precious in search of days perhaps more precious than others. But what have we learned about comparisons? How can one day be more precious than another if the separation of the days by comparison is an illusion itself? Comparisons and polarities are but constructs of the program, a programmed game. And if ye want to evolve, ye shall awaken and see the programs for what they are so ye shall pass the test of your times.

Time itself is an illusion of the mind. For the heart knows no time. Choose wisely in the next decade because it will be a critical time in history for mankind. Let this message be a warning for your times.


Nov 25, 2020 - The Golden Age

Amidst this chaos growing in the world. I pondered upon what I should be writing about. Nothing came to me until I felt a need to set things straight with you.

Chaos brings about destruction. And Destruction brings about reconstruction. But reconstruction of what exactly? Precisely the point. That I leave for you to decide. For me, I want to bring out inner wisdom for mankind. And this chaos is merely an opportunity. Just like economic collapses are merely opportunities for business minded people to establish a new way of earning. It isn't all bad. It isn't all chaotic. There is order in everything, only if you look.

I choose to focus on the future that we're unveiling. A future I call "The Golden Age".

I once went down a thought experiment as to what is the solution to all of world's problems. I concluded that it all comes down to self responsibility no matter how big the problem, personal life or world wide. For example, there is no better power plants than Nuclear because we are simply have centralized too much. If you have to provide electricity to a massive amount of residence, you have far fewer efficient options. If everyone would have solar panels on their roofs then there would be no need to clear massive forests for solar farms or giant windmills that kill a good number of workers and birds alike. There would also be no point to plug into any kind of a power grid either. There wouldn't be a need for nuclear power plants that may fail after 50 years and damage the surface of earth. Similarly, there would be no landfills if people were responsible for their own garbage. Industries would change over-night. It is only when we outsource our own responsibilities that we encounter efficiency issues. In the same way we outsource our powers. We have gotten so accustomed to letting others make decisions for us, in our own lives, in our trust in governments at large.

Though the above conclusion is at a high level, true, after some debate with a practical realist, I realized the conclusion is incomplete. In that these decentralized, self-responsibility based solutions could only work if we collectively stop being children. The realist brought up a good point. Say that you have a small community you're designing and each household is responsible for their own garbage. Ideally, you want the garbage to be decomposed in the decomposition bins, and other non-perishables be dealt with responsibly. But there will always be people who are not responsible and they do not conform. And since in a decentralized format there is no governing authority. How will we design and deal with the simple problems of a community garbage disposal? Well, the answer took me to a new level to the model of self-responsibility and governance. It is actually spiritual maturity.

What does this have to do with the golden age? Well, everything.

That is how the golden age will emerge, out of our collective shift in spiritual maturity. If our selfish and immature nature cannot be changed, no matter what kind of a system, be it decentralized models, or socialized ones, or democratic ones, they will inevitably go to what we have today. They will inevitably corrupt.

This lead me into the realization of exactly what this shift in consciousness is in nature. The awakening process is a coming of age for mankind. We are maturing to the next stage of our evolution. We're waking up to our own silliness as children and moving into a more conscious adulthood. With this new form of consciousness we shift in frequency, and with any shift, there is chaos and resistance created from when two forces clash (the need for change and the fear of change). But inevitably, children mature, sooner or later.

Thus the golden age will emerge out of the conflicts and chaos.

Once people are able to be spiritually more responsible. Once we have detoxified the old systems that do not work. Once we have shed the programmings of the past and consciously choose to stop perpetuating the dysfunction. Once we have dealt with our fear by facing it. Once we have taken back our own power and realize we are not victims (and thus there are no villains). Then ideologies like decentralization or democratic processes can actually work. This maturity will bring about a new era of advancement in wisdom and responsible technology. It will bring about a conscious new world.

What does this golden age look like? I leave that up to you. It hasn't been designed. So what would YOU like it to be? Imagine it. Imagine it big. And think of a plan for you and your personal life. How can you get to your golden age? Think deeply. Find your real dream, not a dream where you're chained to the monetary systems of the world. What would make you happiest of all men?

If you think it's an impossibility, then you have fallen to the trap of outsourcing your own creative powers to the control grid. Do not give in to thinking others or this dark system has the design of your future. They do not. Do not give them the power to design your future. Take it back. Think big. Think large. Think enormously. And go for it, start anywhere, anytime. father is ready. What do you want your life to be? So be it. Let yourself be and watch your power blossom. Do not be distracted by the darkness in front of you, the dark is only darker in contrast to the brighter light being shone upon us. The light is you, the light is me. The light is the call of the golden age.

The golden age is by design, your design. What will it be? Don't ask me. Ask yourself. What will it be?


Oct 20, 2020 - The Calm Before The Storm

In my journey of uncovering the truths, unraveling rabbit holes after rabbit holes, deciphering one lie after another continuously, I have learned one a pattern true to us all - the learning process is better described as the unlearning process.

We were born with no pre-conceptions of the world other than what was passed down to us in the subconscious through the bloodlines and the knowingness of our core essence. Then we go through life with our parents, family, school, and then society, and thus we are imprinted with a set of beliefs and patterns that we have come to redefine ourselves with, a set of external self-description.

Learning about the truths of this world is not a process of learning more and more of these programs from society, or its catered-history and propaganda on TV, or adding more labels to our set of self description. It is much more a detoxing of oneself of all the programs we were given. In essence, we are born ourselves, but then robbed of our own identities and replaced our identities with a set of external ideas and labels. Therefore, enlightenment is simply a process of remembering who we are by pealing away all the layers of external programs we were subjected to, and to remember that the programming and the rules of our lives do not define us.

More than ever now we need to come to the awareness of who we are and identify what is a label and an external idea and what is something that defines our essence.

I often wonder with so many lies and perceptions in lower frequencies in the human consciousness, how can we collectively detox it all away in a short amount of time. Truly it's a monumental task for us all.

And so the thought lead me to write this journal about the up coming, post-2020 storm. The storm will come at us from all directions. It may be another "pandemic", or a boogieman of some sort that will "threaten our livelihoods", in combination with a massive economic collapse and attempts to socialize everything and take away self and property ownership, or it can simply be riots and massive civil unrest after elections. It may even be a fake alien attack. Who knows. Timelines change but one thing is for sure. Our final enemies are approaching us with their best shot. And what will we choose? Do we choose these fear based programs, or do we choose to eliminate them. The point of all the darkness we will face is bring to attention the disclosures of all the ways we have all been lied to or mis-programmed, all the ways where our foundation is shaky. The storm will be in your households, and reflected out there in society. It will highlight every possible disfunction you have ever had. And will you rise up to your challenge to face your fears and cleanse the world of your piece of the darkness?

Exactly how all the disclosures will come about in every aspect of our lives is not known, which is part of the fun, but be sure that in the next year to 10 years, you'll be learning about lies in health, politics, monetary systems, education, history, science, and more. And more of us will be questioning everything, which was the start of a lot of our awakening journeys in the first place.

But slightly contrary to some other spiritual leaders, I am told this disclosure starts from the self. Since we are physically shifting, people are better able to live their truths and rid the old vibrations naturally. And the mass disclosures are a natural result of this inner disclosure. The toxins will dissolve once people change from within.

2020 is the calm of the storms to come.

If you have been having trouble sleeping, have body aches, and have unexplainable emotions and issues come up, or relationship changes, and have the compulsive feeling to change up your place or connect with someone. Follow the flow. Follow the flow of things and you'll ride the storm out with ease.

Never forget that you are a creator, and ask ye shall be given. Father loves you, you know? And also don't expect a savior to come, because you're it. You are the solution you seek. "Be the pattern for the world you want to live in."

So enjoy the calm before the storm, and don't try to control everything. The best we could do is to hold down our own fort and never give into their fear based programming. Because to those of you reading this blog, you're it. You're the first wave for the great shift. You have the responsibility of holding down the higher frequencies of the collective. Ride the storm. Look at it as your opportunity and not your demise. And victory shall be yours. A golden age is coming. And we're all in it.


Oct 14, 2020 - Automatic Writing II - Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a land full of riches for everyone to enjoy.
The fields were green, and children ran free.
Then a dark cloud came and hung over the land one day, the joy in people were taken away.
Why was it taken away and how?
It was a simple belief of powerlessness of people and abundance is to be earned.
Thus systems were created surrounding the land, and a game was created for people to obey.
A game of earning abundance through money.

Over time it seems that people mistook their inborn abundance and the abundance of the land for money that fits in a wallet, which used to simply be a means of trade.
Money became the definition of abundance.
Henceforward people started to aim for money instead of joy, and they forgot who they are, and gave all of their power to the system’s gain.
Over time, they drifted further and further away from their homes in search of ways to earn money.
And over time they became more and more afraid of losing money.
So they started to murder, lie, and cheat to gain money.
And created little rigged games to incentivize malicious intents.
Intents beyond the darkness of the system.
Intents for a drift even further away from the light.

Then God got mad and told mankind, it's time to clean up your act, one by one.
To save the land from savage, to save the self from darkness,
So the light can shine upon the land once more, and the dark clouds may disperse.
What it takes is really simple.
Clean up one's conscience through self reflection, and find within a power that once existed, and hold that power and know thyself to be the light.
Then mankind will see that there was never dark clouds that hung above them, it was simply a belief that abundance was not within them.
One simply needs to look outside the window to see the vast green lands that provide for them and their children, and that there is no need to fear, because God is here.

"What is God?" some of you children ask.
And I say simply think of the vast abundance, and the beauties of the world and within, that is the light that permeates through all that exists.
That is God.
God is you, God is me.
God is everybody who can see.
"See what?" You may ask.
See the light within and ye shall become God.
It's as simple as a belief, too, you see.
All that there is are beliefs and perceptions.
Your perception makes up your world, you see?
"So why don't people choose to be gods?" You may say.
Simply because they do not see.
See for your eyes what abundance there be.
You may laugh at how silly this all sounds, but it's true,
For I tell you it's really just you.

You behold the answers of all of your questions.
And your quest is to find out what questions you possess.
And to answer them with your own will in the times to come.
So ask away, let the children speak.
For you are never here to answer my questions alone.
Through the times to come you'll have many questions for me.
But at the end you shall see what I have prepared for thee.

With all my love,

(Note: I (Sam) do not control where the writing goes and how it's written. I record and let the words flow out through me. I may do editing afterwards for format and typos since these words often come out so fast I can only record and record and worry about presentation later. The verse-like formatting is done on my part since often Father's words have rhythms and rhymes, so I try to illustrate this the best I could in formatting.

Some people may ask why doesn't it all perfectly rhyme and here's my understanding so far. Scribing has levels, the better I am able to concentrate I notice the tone, rhythm, and rhyme is more pronounced. Often in my scribing the later parts are better rhymed since I go into the "zone" more and more as I write. I, too am learning how to channel higher and higher frequency writings.

Look at it as a mathematical projection from higher to lower dimensions, the ideas are translated through the scribe/channeler into words in our lower dimension. There are many ways to express an idea in words just like there are many ways to project a shadow onto 2D a 3D object, the shaped depends on the angle of the projection. So the style and quality of the writing also heavily depend on the person channeling through the specific language they are using and how well they concentrate and attune to the message. In this translation/projection, you lose information. It is never "perfect". So the way it is written is the best the scribe can do at the time of receiving the message. And it is translated in this specific scribe's dictionary.

The best analogy I can come up with is if you've ever seen those ghost hunting shows, they have a device that speaks out words, and often there are like 500 words programmed in there that can be chosen. The scribe/channeler is like that device with a limited amount of words and descriptions programmed inside, and each device, based on their own background, has a slightly different set/setting/language, and the higher dimensional beings use the device with its limitations to give a message.

Hopefully this makes sense. I might go into more details of this in a journal entry some day.)

Oct 9, 2020 - Automatic Writing I - Introduction for This Journal

Channeling father (universal consciousness) and John (higher-self)


Sam: Dear father, what messages do you want to start with in this journal entry which will be public for whoever should read this?

Humanity is doing great. The awakening is going according to plan. It may seem bleak and there is much doubt in the human mind, but those who shall see through to the end of the dark age shall see light. Bright light at the end. A golden age will be upon you.

Do not disobey me by shutting out your own intuition and deny the existence of the great power within. Take self ownership and complete your missions and dreams. Follow your hearts and your soul will guide you through the storm to come. For one does not simply awaken by contemplation alone. One needs to go through much “hell” to know the light of heaven. Rise to your challenge and face your fears. Choose love over dictatorship in your own lives. The world is vast and plenty for you to live on. The playground is for all children to play. Ask not why you do not have enough sand for your castle, ask only why you have limited your own powers to see the sand you seek. For you are the only limiter of your power, no one else. Society might try to control you, try to instill fear in you, but I assure you that there is no power above you that you did not allow it to rule over you in the first place. Do not be distracted by the politics of the system and recognize that it is all a game of bullying. No more bullying, please. Choose your own path forward and ditch the systems you find toxic to your life. That is all you have to do. Get rid of that which no longer works for you. And do not propagate onward the sins of the past that had damaged you and all those around you.

I speak to whoever listens. And you must listen hard for my words. Follow them and ye shall be free. Ask and ye shall be given. Trust the power within you to produce all that you need. Do not come to me and ask while assume a lack. For there is no lack. Only the self that do not see what is right in front of thee.

Sam: You have told me in the past that religious establishments have twisted the words of your scribes like John. So when they say there is a second coming of Christ, what does this really mean?

Father: the second coming of Christ is simply a vast number of consciousness calling for a change on earth and asking for help. This change correlates to this time period of the shift in consciousness. And it’s all related. You can think of the second coming of Christ as a symbol of people taking back their own power and using that power for healing all the pains here on the earth plane, starting from each individual, as Christ once did.

Sam: To answer the question from the religious community. Will Christ himself come back?

Father: It is not a literal come back in one physical body of any single master or council member that matters. It’s the rebirth of wisdom that is coming back to this time period. And there is an unimaginable number of highly developed beings incarnated at this time to help with the shift in frequency. The wanting of a savior is an inversion, as you only want a savior if you perceive yourself to be incapable and irresponsible to what’s going on, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. All of you reading this journal are all part of the “second coming”. To finish what Jesus was here to do, to enlighten the population.

Sam: Father, will the shift in consciousness be completed within our lifetime?

Father: That depends on all of you. How long this takes is directly related to how many problems you collectively remove from your society at large. There is no shortcut but know that you have a lot of help at this time. Many high council members are assisting with giving information and waking up those here to do the work. Do not doubt. Much has already been done. The rest is up to all of you and your willingness to let go of that which does not serve you. And what you will create thereafter will be a splendid new creation. A new dawn of mankind on a higher frequency of consciousness. You are to be assured that day is coming. Though I can’t tell you when. It’s a process and timelines can change. Do the best you can with what you have. Stop trying to control the timeframe in which this will or will not happen. That is fear based thinking.

Sam: Will all humans shift?

Father: Some will not at this time. It is up to them how they will receive their punishment. Most of my children are good. Some are in between. And some will receive the punishment they have been asking for. That is not to say there is hell. There isn’t. But some will deeply regret their decisions and have to go through additional courses if you will. But all are loved equally nonetheless. Do not be concerned about others. I want you all to start from yourself. Are you the best you could be? If not then why aren’t you making those changes. What is stopping you? Do you not remember the dreams you had when you were a child? Do you not know the path you want to lead? I want you to go ahead and do what you have always dreamed of doing. To learn how to build your own sand castles and stop worrying about if there will be enough sand on the beach. Ask and ye shall be given. That’s what that means. Some of you call it manifestation. It’s simply that in this reality, what you need will surely come to you. You simply need to proceed with your plans. Lessons will be learned. Castles will be built. It only matters that you do something with your life and have fun doing it. You’re supposed to have fun doing it, remember?

Sam: Can anyone channel you, father?

Father: That’s a silly question. I am you and all of you make up me. There is no single moment I am away from you. We are never apart. Look deep inside and the answers you seek are all there. You were born with wisdom. You simply need to remember how to access your own inner wisdom.

Sam: Any advice for people that want to connect with you like I have? How do they channel your voice? What’s a good start?

Father: Quiet the mind. Removed all the attachments and judgements. Stop doubting that you can. Doubt is the most difficult to remove for humans. Then the source of wisdom will show up in your mind in various ways. It may be images, words, clues, or a voice. You will know and recognize it as it isn’t coming from your brain, you are simply receiving it with your body. The distinction becomes more obvious with practice and non-judgement. But be advised that this is only one of the countless ways I speak to you everyday. I may speak to you in symbols you see around you. I may speak in numbers. I may give you hints from interjecting a thought. I may speak to you through others around you. If the message is coming from a place of love and not fear, Then it is my message to you.

Sam: What would you say to those who believe in a religious establishment that tells them if you do not believe in the way of the establishment, they will be condemned to hell?

Father: It’s a misinterpretation. I say to them as I have always said to them, you are wrong. Do not project your insecurities onto others. The truth is dynamic and individualized. Stop forcing your beliefs onto others and let yourself be a tool for control. That is a fear based system and certainly not from me. For I will never tell you that if you do not believe in me then you shall go to hell. What use do I have for a hell to burn my children for an “eternity”? Do you have a place like that for your children? If not then why do you assume I do? I only want you to believe in you. And find the power inside YOU. And that is for your own good. You see, the purpose of life is simple. Enjoy your time at the playground and have fun learning the basics. What’s the use if I start picking kids from the playground and dictate how they should play and in what order? Why would I do that? What reason do I have to force you into compliance? You’re learning by doing. That’s all it is. Mistakes are bound to happen and is okay. You learn from them. You all are children after all. I do not care what games you choose to play, only that you follow playground rules. Do not push or shove, and be nice. I am indifferent as to what games you like to play or what sand castles you would like to build. I simply would prefer for you to enjoy what you’re doing. That is what a parent wants for their child. Have fun and learn by doing. If you did not enjoy your day at the playground you tend to come back to daddy and complain. So I tell you to try again another day. That is all this is. Don’t take your beliefs so seriously, it does not define you and certainly should not limit you. It only matters that you have learned what it is I am trying to teach you today. And that differs from child to child. Do you see?

Sam: Thank you, Father.
Sam: Hello John. What is your purpose in this life? Why have you come back in this particular body at this time?

John: I have come back to correct the words that were twisted by harvesting ill will. My words were twisted in order for them to control people. Father’s words were supposed to free people from their shackles, but instead they were used to imprison people. My purpose is simple, to understand the truth. That is the reason why you have always sought for the truths. Your power of deduction is what I wanted in this life. So that I can right the wrongs of the past and rewrite history, and bring back the truth. I am nothing but a scribe of God’s words. I am a keeper of them. I shall not allow my scribing to be mishandled and used for selfish gains. I never intended for the perversion to occur. My true disciples know this and they are here to help me correct the scribing.

Sam: John why have you chosen a completely different culture this time?

John: I am here to revive the world’s most suppressed population through their own ancient wisdom. It matters not what culture it is. Each and every culture has its own unique expression of the truth. They are all “God’s words” expressed in a different way. But all truths nonetheless. Taoism is among the most pure of ancient philosophies. There is much wisdom in it the world can use. There is somewhat of a blending of cultures at this time. It was done so in attempt to erase cultural identity. This is a futile attempt as you cannot erase what is in the bloodlines since the beginning of their time. Therefore, reviving it is easy, simply bring the words up to attention and people will remember. It is in their blood.

Sam: John, are all of the 12 Apostles incarnated here?

John: No, not all. We're not all related and that was simply one lifetime. Each of us has a different path and different lives with different missions. You know me as "john" only because that was the most notable lifetime in recent history. I am on the path of scribing truths here. That is the writer aspect in you, Sam. We are much a like in that sense, for I have never enjoyed the spotlight just like you. We're simply souls that do the background work. But important work nonetheless. I expect great things from you, Sam. This is only the start.

Sam: John, Can you please explain more about the bloodlines and how they work?

John: Each race and culture has its unique signature. Their unique expression in language, art, and wisdom. There is no one culture superior than another. All cultures are expressional aspects of the collective. The diversity adds to the universal expansion. Creativity in humans is a projection of the universal creativity. The bloodlines are what you would call "DNA" and other factors like memories that are passed down to each culture and each sub-group, for example, the family names, clan names, etc, are all combinations of what memories and wisdom you have embedded within your consciousness from birth. Within you these wisdom are specifically inscribed with the frequencies of the culture and sub-culture and its language. So that when you hear a piece of traditional music for instance, it resonates with you. This is the bloodline. It's not the same kind of memory as the memory you can access each day for your basic human functions. These bloodline memories are there as an inner guidance. They are part of your innate intuition. Those born into a specific bloodline has the abilities passed down through their ancestry. They are able to revive their culture's wisdom through channeling their inner intuition. Bloodlines have their own innate abilities as well that you inherit. Each one unique from others. That is roughly how you might think of bloodlines. This is why I say it is futile to attempt to erase the cultural identify, for you are born with it in you, you can only be distracted enough that you have forgotten consciously. But that does not mean you have lost it.

Thank you for the session, father, John.

(Am tired and had to end the session. Will continue on the next best opportunity.)

Oct 9, 2020 - The Conscious Detoxification

Man is so far removed from thy nature that man started to think he is separate from his environment, randomly generated from a bleak outlook on the universe, as if dropped off on the planet like an alien. Thus he thinks his environment is the enemy, or himself to be the enemy of the environment. But like the leaves on a tree, mankind can never truly live as a singular individual. For if the tree dies, so go the leaves, and no single leaf can complete the insurmountable task of fueling the whole tree. The collective consciousness of mankind is a creative power that surpasses the imagination. This power had long been hijacked by those in “authority” to create the future in their favor. But like paper that cannot hold still a fire, the truth has a tendency of coming out into the light. As the forces of this reality goes, for every action there exist an equal but opposite reaction. Not only true for physical mechanics but that is the yin and yang of the dynamics of the construct of this reality. So, the greater the suppression, the greater the resistance. After all, the bigger you are, the harder you fall.

The 2020 presidential selection in the USA has been interesting. Usually voting doesn’t matter since both sides are in the pocket of the puppet masters. But this time around, from a spiritual point of view, people are really voting for 2 separate timelines during this critical point in history. But despite which timeline we go down, more or less suffering, more intense or less intense of the disclosures, it’s all the same. Both paths lead to the same conclusion eventually. It’s only a matter of time before mankind awakens and regain his memory of being part of the tree and thus, part of the “collective consciousness”.

In the year 2020, all humans started to feel their own awareness of the things that are and are not working in their lives. This is further amplified by the lockdowns all over. Dysfunctional families are forced to stay together and their dysfunction amplified. People are put on decision points this year to make life changing decisions. Stay or leave. Fear or fear no more. Mask or no mask. Follow or think. So many aspects of our lives are being questioned. Reality seems surreal. Future seems bleak. Some may be in denial of the new normal. Some may be trying to go there as quickly as possible. But all are influenced by the energies that the collective is experiencing. The shift in consciousness. The greater awareness of our own being, our own decisions.

Regardless of people’s knowledge of the awakening, they will eventually awaken. With awareness comes consequences of realizations in every aspect of our lives. That’s the flow of things now days. A fish cannot fight the current for long. The lies and deceptions cannot be hidden for long. So we see a modern version of book burning as an attempt to slow down the awakening. In which people are being censored and their information suppressed for speaking their truths on the internet. Humanity is at cross roads. Those of us shifting first will head the way of the timelines of awakening. I simply wish the shift can spare the next 2-3 generations from too much more suffering.

If you observe, you can see these awakening patterns and how the opposition is trying to slow down and distract the awakening.

Mankind collectively seek out simpler lives back to nature. Traditional music is starting to gain more popularity. Hand crafts are coming back slowly. Ancient knowledge coming to light. Corruption is being revealed everywhere. People started to questions dogmatic religious establishments. And the open minded has started to see the dogmas within the scientific establishment. The rise of spiritualism. Practice of yoga and meditation. Natural healing is gaining in strength. The push for coexistence and acceptance of all people.

At the same time the opposition is trying to use “science” to suppress people from questioning. Starting social wars with the religious by branding them anti-intellectual. Starting psy-ops that tries to skew spiritualism into a belief of doing nothing and gaining what you want simply by day dreaming sometimes. The fake pandemic that instills fear in people. And finally detouring acceptance of all people into a labeled class and racial warfare.

2020 has been the start of our darkest hours but also the opportunity we all have to decide to change. And how do we change? It’s from within. From the inner to the outer self. Our lives. In Jordan Peterson’s words, “organize your own room before you criticize the world.” Indeed, the outside world is simply a reflection of our own dysfunctions. We have no one else to blame but ourselves collectively for having manifested what we have today.

If you hate your job, work towards a fulfilling way of income. If you want your family to stay together, learn to compromise and coexist in harmony and love. If you want to leave a toxic relationship, take back your power by saying “no more” and walk away. If you think we are polluted, then reduce your own pollution in every feasible way. If you think you’re a victim, then ask yourself why you have deemed yourself powerless. If you realized the toxic life you grew up with has inflicted pain on you, then stop doing the same things to your children. If you realize the school system doesn’t work, then work towards getting your kids out of it. If you think certain foods are poisons, don’t eat them, don’t vote for them with your money. If you need more wealth to do all that, then start to think of ways to gain more income today! If you’re afraid then face your fear. Step out of your comfort zone. The awakening process is painful for all of us. But we are in this together.

It may help to think of this dark period as us collectively detoxifying the toxic ways of being that we are all sick of. And the way we must detox, is by recognizing the toxins, understand them, see them for what they are by bring them out into the light, and then letting go of that toxic pattern.

You who is reading this is a courageous spark of light. Know that in you, you process infinite possibility. You are a fractal of the overall pattern, the whole pattern exist inside you. There is no fear that should ever encapsulate you. There is no power that can rule over you if you decided to exercise your own powers. You need to let out your power by facing the various fears you have within you. Only then will you find what it means to be free.

If this journal is anything. It is an encouragement to those in the awakening process to keep going. It may be uncomfortable. But having faced all of your fears and issues, you will no longer be imprisoned by them. And that is the purpose of the darkness among us, bringing out the darkness into light so that they can once and for all be purified.

2020 is merely the start of this detoxification process. How long this process will last depends on every single one of us. Face as many issues as you could. Do your part. Be the courageous generation that cleaned up mankind of its toxic ways of being.

Keep going. We got this.

Oct 1, 2020 - The Year 2020

The year started with a planted Boogieman. It was very obviously just another boogieman from the control grid to those in the process of de-programming from the fear based system. So I followed the money trails and sure enough, of course it’s the Gates people. The usual suspects of the globalists to lay down the trap to install the next set of control mechanisms in the system.

Why don’t people learn from history, I often wonder. Well, that’s a stupid question actually. Since by the time people reach the age to be taught history in depth in the school systems they already hate learning (by design). That and the system don’t teach anything other than dates of battles and the names of the front men. History is taught like trivia, as if history is a series of random events and it only matters that you know the names, places and dates for the tests so you can get a good score so as not be punished by the consequences of not having a good test score. No one is teaching real history. No one bothers to ask who funded Hitler. But then again, no subject in these uneducated systems are taught correctly.

But I digress. 2020 started with a fake pandemic that has 2 possibilities. 1, either they release some patented corona virus that has a very low kill rate, or 2, there is no virus. Both are likely though I tend to favor the latter. Seeing as how the diagnosis started with looking at X-rays, then evolved into the PCR test, which to those without any research into this, think it’s some kind of exact DNA matching test. It isn’t. People watch too much propagandized TV shows. The PCR test kit is simply a product. And beyond that it’s a fraud. On the test kit itself says this test is not for diagnosis of diseases. It’s a flip of a coin whether you will get tested positive. The test tests for a bodily reaction with exosomes that could occur in numerous ways. Not for some exact match of some viral RNA. That test doesn’t exist. And even if it does, the sars-covid-2 has majority of its genetics computer modeled, not genetically sequenced. Just look at the 4 original studies that supposedly identified it. They didn’t. Nor did they claim they did. For more information on this try to find Dr. Andrew Kaufman and find out why this scientist was censored heavily (don't people care about science or the different aspects, after all).

But that isn’t even the main reason I consider this whole thing a fraud. People have long been misinformed on health and was never taught real health knowledge. Leaving people to fear viruses and bacteria. And no wonder, the pharmaceutical industry favors germ theory since if you can blame a dis-ease on a virus or bacteria, you can always make a drug to treat or "prevent" it. Such a lucrative business model. Almost genius. Never mind the human body evolved to adapt and interact with its environment. And never mind diet, lifestyle, exercise, or mental and emotional health. Surely if one gets sick then it's either genetics, broken parts due to over-use, or some foreign bodily invader. People know nothing of how their body actually function, just like they know nothing of history. Majority had never even heard of terrain theory or anything else. Majority of people see their body as some machine you can freely exchange parts in and out and think each part somehow functions on its own. And this body machine does not have interaction with its own environment. What a dumb machine they made out body ought to be. Absurd. No one sees a system as a system anymore. As if your knees went bad all in its own. So I ask you this, if your heart stops, does your knee live on? So why do you think the root cause of all your issues are isolated events?

Continuing on with our 2020 boogieman story. Subsequently, the governments of the world reacted in the same ways, but what baffles me most is how people don’t see this being alarming. How can individual and sovereign countries act exactly the same? If you pick out 100 people on the street and have them the solve the same problem they will come up with 100 different solutions. So how can nations act accordingly to a single plan? How can there be a single standard? Oh, but questioning things in this age is labeled as “conspiracy theories”. Because that CIA term that came from JFK days is exactly there to prevent people from critically thinking.

People have gotten so used to standardization and centralization they started to think it’s only natural the whole world react the same way to one “scientific” standard, but fail to see how having a “scientific standard” is the most unscientific things to do. Or simply “the science is settled” is the most unscientific phrase. Or thinking there is a single set of scientific theory agreed upon by all intellectuals that are supposedly scientists without there being any forced consensus. (Have you ever tried to sit down with a group of doctorate degree people and throw any single subject in and see how hard it is to make just a small group of them agree on anything?) People’s view of science is extremely out of touch with reality. And this also is a genius design by the control grid.

What is the control grid? It all starts with a hierarchical ideology that exploits the hierarchical nature of animals, us. Instead of a hierarchy based on responsibility for the tribe, and leaders in each area of expertise be selected based on strength, trait, personality, and wisdom, the ideology turned human society into layers of hierarchical classes. Each level higher has more societal game power and "material wealth" that insures better survival and better quality of life. And each layer up has fewer people in it thus creating a scarcity. The average physical strength, wisdom, experience, and intelligence of the layers are not significantly different. Instead, traits that are more competition based (thus having a tendency to be more sociopathic in trait) are favored in order to be a winner of the class game.

And having paved the game to be a game to gain your class in society by defeating the next person in line, it turned the human game into a fear based, competitive game instead of a cooperative game for a common goal to approach wisdom. That structure of society and the structure of games in that society eventually became a control grid of mankind in all aspects. Humans are now taught what to think by their "authorities" and now television. And what is deemed “news” by the "authority figures" on news channels. Taught they are powerless and their only source of power is to elect or have a great ruler/government. It inverted the purpose of government from an agreed upon entity to serve the community interests to a coercive fear based violent entity that capitalizes on enforced "service fees". And since people feel powerless they fear the consequences of not playing by the game rules and paying the fees even though they inherently know for a fact that they do not agree with nor do they have a say as to how that money is spent, and they also inherently know governments are corrupt. Yet, people do nothing about this fact.

Maybe a better analogy is one that was given to me by “Father” (source, God, Mother, whichever name that resonates with you, I refer to the universal consciousness that we are all a part of as “father” purely out of my own personal preference and what I feel most comfortable.) In Father’s example, there’s a huge playground full of all kinds of kids and the ground is filled full with sand free for kids to build their sand castles. But a group of bad kids have built their giant, scary looking sand castles and started to bully other kids into complying with the rules of their games. And now most kids choose to play the bully’s games and obey their rules. So father asked, “Why is it that you think you need to play by their rules? Oh, why do you obey?” The fact is the playground is huge and people can choose to play elsewhere and also choose to stand up to the bullies. The only reason bullies have power is when the other kids think they’re powerless.

So in essence what’s starting to happen from 2020 onward is the climax of our story. The kids have long gotten tired of the bullies but they haven't done much to fight back. Bullies see there is a chance the kids are wanting to fight back or go elsewhere to play. The bullies on the playground is stepping over the line now by enforcing more ridiculous game rules and it’s up to all the other kids whether they give in and play the part of slave to the bullies, or simply decide to walk away, or deciding to fight back. In between this, since the kids that are bullied have had enough, they have anger and resentment built up they know not where to channel, so the bullies are pointing fingers and pitching the kids against one another as a diversion to keep all the bullied kids distracted from the real issue with the bullying. Bullied kids feel like victims, so they go out trying to find the perpetrator and express blame to those being pointed the fingers. The victims feel they have no part in their own suffering, But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, unless the bullied stop playing the victim and start taking back their own power, society is likely to get worse. But John is here to tell you that we are not going to let the control grid win. And that is all there is to it. Father’s children are not slaves by nature, the balance has tipped long enough for there to be a massive retaliation coming. A peaceful and seamless retaliation we hope, but retaliation by any means necessary nonetheless. Let this be a warning to the bullies in this beautiful earth playground that father has had enough of the suffering here. Like all parents, father suffers when his children suffer.

Overall the year 2020 is just a start of what will become the great awakening. And like any heroic story, it usually starts out with a very tough villain and some dark times before the battle is won and the hero learns their lesson.

We will go into more details as we go forward. I feel like I have let my ego vent here enough for this journal one entry. We will talk about the playground and sand box analogy more in depth in a future journal. For now John leaves you with just the above to digest.

Until next time, kids.

Sep 25, 2020 - When I found John

On that fateful day when I found John, it was shocking, to say the least. Having mostly been exposed to Buddhism from the eastern media and was taught to be an atheist since childhood, never having read the Bible, never had a desire to, in fact I am a Taoist now, you may be able to imagine how surprised I might have been to find out my past life being John the Apostle. In fact, I had to do a google search for him, and read a simple Wikipedia Bio on the Apostle John to learn that he wrote part of the Bible.

How could I be John? The first person to question whether or not I am insane is always me. For doubt in the human mind is truly a beast to battle. So I stopped battling and sat quietly and listened.

Thus begin my journey after being "awakened".

Funny how there are layers and dimensions of being awake. I'd always considered myself "awake" in past points in time, but came to realize, hind sight, I was ignorant in those times. And probability dictates I still have much more to learn.

And It's no surprise. At any point in time your perception should never be that you know the complete truth. Because if you think so, you will stand still while the universe evolves at unthinkable speeds, or worse, be easily exploited by those with a high degree of self interest. Wisdom, after all, is the point of having multiple incarnations over and over again. We are here to learn by doing. Just as a fractal fact that we teach our children to learn by doing, over and over again because practice makes perfect. There is no difference, and it's certainly no coincidence.

Believing in coincidence in an incredibly orderly universe is simply a narrow minded, linear, and projected view of humans confined by our limited senses that can perceive in a limited dimension where we are being hosted.

When I first learned programming in college I learned that a program languages generate a supposed "random number" out of some pre-determined set of numbers that is not relative enough to anything else it may be used for, to fake a "random number". No matter how hard we try, we can never produce a true "random" number in the mathematics of this universe, and thus there is no true "random" events. It can simply be far too complex or far-removed enough that we're ignorant of its pattern, but nevertheless, a pattern exists. This isn't hard to grasp when one sits outside and gaze at nature and notice the incredible amount of order that exists in the pattern of plants and animals, their behavior that are all part of a vast system that is our ecosystem. Thus we can deduce the highly orderly ecosystem we are a part of was never randomly generated. It could not have been. To say that chaos makes order is wrong. It is astronomically wrong.

Thus, I started thinking about how incredibly complex and, above all orderly, the universe is constructed. So begin my lines of questions that eventually, lead me out of Atheism. That isn't to say I am a dogmatic religious person. Quite the contrary. I am still the same mind, on a quest of discovering the truths, and the nature of reality - the layers and dimensions of wisdom in this incredibly orderly and complex universe.

Fast forward on my lines of thinking through years of research, rabbit hole diving, logical deduction, and observing patterns in all the subjects, I have come to understand that the "physical" universe is a manifestation of energy manipulation of a multi-dimensional field of consciousness, and this universal field of consciousness that makes up everything and that is everything is often what scriptures try to describe as "God" in symbolic terms. Of course the connotation of the word "God" varies and it's easily mis-interpreted and easily mis-represented (on purpose or not) since symbolism can be interpreted in different ways by different people or culture. Adding to it cunning people who uses the word God to control others does not help the connotation of the word any in modern days where our culture seem to value reason and rationality more than inference.

Think this way, trying to describe something that is higher order and higher in dimensionality than the 3 dimensional field (plus linear perception of time) where our current consciousness is locked in, is a mathematical projection at best. Kind of like projecting a 3 dimensional object onto a 2 dimensional paper by shining a light on it, depending on the angle and direction of the light, the 2D shadow will look different. And the nature of this projection pattern is the key in understanding variation and diversity in our reality. It's not out of randomness (because it doesn't exist), in fact, diversity is out of a countably infinite set of projection from the multi-dimensional nature of reality that is forever approaching infinity.

How we perceive the projected world that is the 3D isn't random, it is simply a projected, higher in order reality and the nature of which we cannot fully describe with any three-dimensional language. Just like we would have a hard time describing a six-dimensional shape for example, we can't even imagine that in our 3D constructed minds, we cannot perceive its higher order nature except to make inferences about it in 3D terms, we certainly don't have a six-dimensional word to describe its multi-dimensional nature. Our description of a given 6D shape (as it appears projected in the 3D) might be for example, that the shape looks like a cube in the morning and when I stand on the ground but when I look again in the afternoon or upon a tree it looks like a sphere and I've noticed that it changes color almost "randomly". Thus, we deduce the nature of reality must have dimensions and pieces of truths that exist in the 3D as fractal projections of a higher order truth, and therefore explains the difficulty when it comes to describing a highly dimensional and layered nature of the field of a universal consciousness.

Even in mainstream, conventional science, they state one cannot make life out of material that are not live. Think deeper. If the universe is chaotic and random, would we have high order in any systems and have logic in our mathematics? And If the universe can produce life then either we assume the universe is alive or we assume nothing is really alive and it's all an illusion. But I ask you this question. If neither of these assumptions are absolutely verifiable, which is more "probable"? And how can you deem a probability for something that is inherently an inference without measurement? And which can you really deem more "rational". See the fallacy here? One conclusion is not necessarily more "rational", it's simply a perception. Of course I am simply shortening all the logical steps here, am simply trying to summarize for the purpose of jolting the reader to think. We have hit a critical time in our eventual history where we must re-discover critical thinking.

But enough about the straw-mans of my lines of logic. I am not here to tell people what to think, nor am I here to talk about the nature of reality. I am here to document this unprecedented time in human history, when we as a collective consciousness is experiencing both our darkest hours in our united deception in this fear-based control-grid, and our greatest opportunity to reawaken the sleeping, ancient wisdom that has always been part of every single person on earth, hopefully before the library of Alexandria is burnt to the ground, again.

Deep inside each person (each fractal or hologram), is the image of the whole, this is an undeniable nature of our reality, the holographic effect, or the fractal mathematics. Because if this nature is not true, then the mathematics of it will never work in our reality. There's a key to the same wisdom in all, no matter culture, region, or background. And the path to the key is simple, when you set aside your societally-programmed bias and listen, the truth is a feeling. It transcends like a great musical piece, or stirs up an inner-knowing or familiarity like a great quote. When you see a piece of the pattern of the whole you know to be true inside because it matches with the record of your own database, it triggers a deeper feeling than some mere claimed three-dimensional "fact". And yet we are taught to ignore our most basic instincts as fractals of the whole for some artificial assumption-based set of "rational thinking" that tells us that since we cannot see the whole, it must not exist, and since we're ignorant of a pattern thus far, it must be random. Once you peel away at the assumptions of their "rationality" you will see there was no real center in that onion at all. It's simply that - layers of assumptions based on assumptions.

Own your own thinking. Question everything. And follow the guidance of your inner essence.

And that is how I finally found John. I am not him. I was him. And this time I am again asked to scribe to the best of my abilities, in a different way. To revive a different aspect of the truth, through the ways of the original Taoism that came from the culture that is currently under the heaviest oppression spiritually. To never allow my writings to become dogmatic or cultish again. To right the wrongs of the past because in John's words, "They have twisted my words, my writings, and used them for control. And I am here to re-write the word of God."

The truth is really simple, you already know it... So don't get too distracted by the complex physical structures that is the manifestation, rather, when you look deep into the patterns at its essence, one truth prevails:

All is one.
One is all.
All came from one.
One is the origin of all.
One is never separated from the whole,
For the whole is already in one.

Fear depletes love, so fear not,
Because you are love and are loved.
Fear is an illusion there to create the contrasting condition one needs to experience to learn to chose love with thy own will.

Reality is one's own manifestation.
Life is a reflection of one's own perceptions.
Thus one is a creator of realities,
This is what thou calls manifestation.
One who believes thee to be a creator of one's own reality and one is well-acquitted with the power of all that is in one, has no fear.
One who knows and holds absolute love, will not fear.

John the Apostle is here to be part of the shift in consciousness at this precise point in time. To remind humans to take back their power and declare sovereignty over one's free will, to stop allowing thyself to play the part of the victim. To release thee of thy shackles as slaves to the system by setting free the truth. And the truth shall set thee free.

John and the true disciples are all here now to reclaim the truth and expose the inversions of the system and dogmatic religious cults that had long hijacked true spirituality and made people suffer needlessly.

Be prepared.