Oct 9, 2020 - The Conscious Detoxification

Man is so far removed from thy nature that man started to think he is separate from his environment, randomly generated from a bleak outlook on the universe, as if dropped off on the planet like an alien. Thus he thinks his environment is the enemy, or himself to be the enemy of the environment. But like the leaves on a tree, mankind can never truly live as a singular individual. For if the tree dies, so go the leaves, and no single leaf can complete the insurmountable task of fueling the whole tree. The collective consciousness of mankind is a creative power that surpasses the imagination. This power had long been hijacked by those in “authority” to create the future in their favor. But like paper that cannot hold still a fire, the truth has a tendency of coming out into the light. As the forces of this reality goes, for every action there exist an equal but opposite reaction. Not only true for physical mechanics but that is the yin and yang of the dynamics of the construct of this reality. So, the greater the suppression, the greater the resistance. After all, the bigger you are, the harder you fall.

The 2020 presidential selection in the USA has been interesting. Usually voting doesn’t matter since both sides are in the pocket of the puppet masters. But this time around, from a spiritual point of view, people are really voting for 2 separate timelines during this critical point in history. But despite which timeline we go down, more or less suffering, more intense or less intense of the disclosures, it’s all the same. Both paths lead to the same conclusion eventually. It’s only a matter of time before mankind awakens and regain his memory of being part of the tree and thus, part of the “collective consciousness”.

In the year 2020, all humans started to feel their own awareness of the things that are and are not working in their lives. This is further amplified by the lockdowns all over. Dysfunctional families are forced to stay together and their dysfunction amplified. People are put on decision points this year to make life changing decisions. Stay or leave. Fear or fear no more. Mask or no mask. Follow or think. So many aspects of our lives are being questioned. Reality seems surreal. Future seems bleak. Some may be in denial of the new normal. Some may be trying to go there as quickly as possible. But all are influenced by the energies that the collective is experiencing. The shift in consciousness. The greater awareness of our own being, our own decisions.

Regardless of people’s knowledge of the awakening, they will eventually awaken. With awareness comes consequences of realizations in every aspect of our lives. That’s the flow of things now days. A fish cannot fight the current for long. The lies and deceptions cannot be hidden for long. So we see a modern version of book burning as an attempt to slow down the awakening. In which people are being censored and their information suppressed for speaking their truths on the internet. Humanity is at cross roads. Those of us shifting first will head the way of the timelines of awakening. I simply wish the shift can spare the next 2-3 generations from too much more suffering.

If you observe, you can see these awakening patterns and how the opposition is trying to slow down and distract the awakening.

Mankind collectively seek out simpler lives back to nature. Traditional music is starting to gain more popularity. Hand crafts are coming back slowly. Ancient knowledge coming to light. Corruption is being revealed everywhere. People started to questions dogmatic religious establishments. And the open minded has started to see the dogmas within the scientific establishment. The rise of spiritualism. Practice of yoga and meditation. Natural healing is gaining in strength. The push for coexistence and acceptance of all people.

At the same time the opposition is trying to use “science” to suppress people from questioning. Starting social wars with the religious by branding them anti-intellectual. Starting psy-ops that tries to skew spiritualism into a belief of doing nothing and gaining what you want simply by day dreaming sometimes. The fake pandemic that instills fear in people. And finally detouring acceptance of all people into a labeled class and racial warfare.

2020 has been the start of our darkest hours but also the opportunity we all have to decide to change. And how do we change? It’s from within. From the inner to the outer self. Our lives. In Jordan Peterson’s words, “organize your own room before you criticize the world.” Indeed, the outside world is simply a reflection of our own dysfunctions. We have no one else to blame but ourselves collectively for having manifested what we have today.

If you hate your job, work towards a fulfilling way of income. If you want your family to stay together, learn to compromise and coexist in harmony and love. If you want to leave a toxic relationship, take back your power by saying “no more” and walk away. If you think we are polluted, then reduce your own pollution in every feasible way. If you think you’re a victim, then ask yourself why you have deemed yourself powerless. If you realized the toxic life you grew up with has inflicted pain on you, then stop doing the same things to your children. If you realize the school system doesn’t work, then work towards getting your kids out of it. If you think certain foods are poisons, don’t eat them, don’t vote for them with your money. If you need more wealth to do all that, then start to think of ways to gain more income today! If you’re afraid then face your fear. Step out of your comfort zone. The awakening process is painful for all of us. But we are in this together.

It may help to think of this dark period as us collectively detoxifying the toxic ways of being that we are all sick of. And the way we must detox, is by recognizing the toxins, understand them, see them for what they are by bring them out into the light, and then letting go of that toxic pattern.

You who is reading this is a courageous spark of light. Know that in you, you process infinite possibility. You are a fractal of the overall pattern, the whole pattern exist inside you. There is no fear that should ever encapsulate you. There is no power that can rule over you if you decided to exercise your own powers. You need to let out your power by facing the various fears you have within you. Only then will you find what it means to be free.

If this journal is anything. It is an encouragement to those in the awakening process to keep going. It may be uncomfortable. But having faced all of your fears and issues, you will no longer be imprisoned by them. And that is the purpose of the darkness among us, bringing out the darkness into light so that they can once and for all be purified.

2020 is merely the start of this detoxification process. How long this process will last depends on every single one of us. Face as many issues as you could. Do your part. Be the courageous generation that cleaned up mankind of its toxic ways of being.

Keep going. We got this.

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