Oct 9, 2020 - Automatic Writing I - Introduction for This Journal

Channeling father (universal consciousness) and John (higher-self)


Sam: Dear father, what messages do you want to start with in this journal entry which will be public for whoever should read this?

Humanity is doing great. The awakening is going according to plan. It may seem bleak and there is much doubt in the human mind, but those who shall see through to the end of the dark age shall see light. Bright light at the end. A golden age will be upon you.

Do not disobey me by shutting out your own intuition and deny the existence of the great power within. Take self ownership and complete your missions and dreams. Follow your hearts and your soul will guide you through the storm to come. For one does not simply awaken by contemplation alone. One needs to go through much “hell” to know the light of heaven. Rise to your challenge and face your fears. Choose love over dictatorship in your own lives. The world is vast and plenty for you to live on. The playground is for all children to play. Ask not why you do not have enough sand for your castle, ask only why you have limited your own powers to see the sand you seek. For you are the only limiter of your power, no one else. Society might try to control you, try to instill fear in you, but I assure you that there is no power above you that you did not allow it to rule over you in the first place. Do not be distracted by the politics of the system and recognize that it is all a game of bullying. No more bullying, please. Choose your own path forward and ditch the systems you find toxic to your life. That is all you have to do. Get rid of that which no longer works for you. And do not propagate onward the sins of the past that had damaged you and all those around you.

I speak to whoever listens. And you must listen hard for my words. Follow them and ye shall be free. Ask and ye shall be given. Trust the power within you to produce all that you need. Do not come to me and ask while assume a lack. For there is no lack. Only the self that do not see what is right in front of thee.

Sam: You have told me in the past that religious establishments have twisted the words of your scribes like John. So when they say there is a second coming of Christ, what does this really mean?

Father: the second coming of Christ is simply a vast number of consciousness calling for a change on earth and asking for help. This change correlates to this time period of the shift in consciousness. And it’s all related. You can think of the second coming of Christ as a symbol of people taking back their own power and using that power for healing all the pains here on the earth plane, starting from each individual, as Christ once did.

Sam: To answer the question from the religious community. Will Christ himself come back?

Father: It is not a literal come back in one physical body of any single master or council member that matters. It’s the rebirth of wisdom that is coming back to this time period. And there is an unimaginable number of highly developed beings incarnated at this time to help with the shift in frequency. The wanting of a savior is an inversion, as you only want a savior if you perceive yourself to be incapable and irresponsible to what’s going on, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. All of you reading this journal are all part of the “second coming”. To finish what Jesus was here to do, to enlighten the population.

Sam: Father, will the shift in consciousness be completed within our lifetime?

Father: That depends on all of you. How long this takes is directly related to how many problems you collectively remove from your society at large. There is no shortcut but know that you have a lot of help at this time. Many high council members are assisting with giving information and waking up those here to do the work. Do not doubt. Much has already been done. The rest is up to all of you and your willingness to let go of that which does not serve you. And what you will create thereafter will be a splendid new creation. A new dawn of mankind on a higher frequency of consciousness. You are to be assured that day is coming. Though I can’t tell you when. It’s a process and timelines can change. Do the best you can with what you have. Stop trying to control the timeframe in which this will or will not happen. That is fear based thinking.

Sam: Will all humans shift?

Father: Some will not at this time. It is up to them how they will receive their punishment. Most of my children are good. Some are in between. And some will receive the punishment they have been asking for. That is not to say there is hell. There isn’t. But some will deeply regret their decisions and have to go through additional courses if you will. But all are loved equally nonetheless. Do not be concerned about others. I want you all to start from yourself. Are you the best you could be? If not then why aren’t you making those changes. What is stopping you? Do you not remember the dreams you had when you were a child? Do you not know the path you want to lead? I want you to go ahead and do what you have always dreamed of doing. To learn how to build your own sand castles and stop worrying about if there will be enough sand on the beach. Ask and ye shall be given. That’s what that means. Some of you call it manifestation. It’s simply that in this reality, what you need will surely come to you. You simply need to proceed with your plans. Lessons will be learned. Castles will be built. It only matters that you do something with your life and have fun doing it. You’re supposed to have fun doing it, remember?

Sam: Can anyone channel you, father?

Father: That’s a silly question. I am you and all of you make up me. There is no single moment I am away from you. We are never apart. Look deep inside and the answers you seek are all there. You were born with wisdom. You simply need to remember how to access your own inner wisdom.

Sam: Any advice for people that want to connect with you like I have? How do they channel your voice? What’s a good start?

Father: Quiet the mind. Removed all the attachments and judgements. Stop doubting that you can. Doubt is the most difficult to remove for humans. Then the source of wisdom will show up in your mind in various ways. It may be images, words, clues, or a voice. You will know and recognize it as it isn’t coming from your brain, you are simply receiving it with your body. The distinction becomes more obvious with practice and non-judgement. But be advised that this is only one of the countless ways I speak to you everyday. I may speak to you in symbols you see around you. I may speak in numbers. I may give you hints from interjecting a thought. I may speak to you through others around you. If the message is coming from a place of love and not fear, Then it is my message to you.

Sam: What would you say to those who believe in a religious establishment that tells them if you do not believe in the way of the establishment, they will be condemned to hell?

Father: It’s a misinterpretation. I say to them as I have always said to them, you are wrong. Do not project your insecurities onto others. The truth is dynamic and individualized. Stop forcing your beliefs onto others and let yourself be a tool for control. That is a fear based system and certainly not from me. For I will never tell you that if you do not believe in me then you shall go to hell. What use do I have for a hell to burn my children for an “eternity”? Do you have a place like that for your children? If not then why do you assume I do? I only want you to believe in you. And find the power inside YOU. And that is for your own good. You see, the purpose of life is simple. Enjoy your time at the playground and have fun learning the basics. What’s the use if I start picking kids from the playground and dictate how they should play and in what order? Why would I do that? What reason do I have to force you into compliance? You’re learning by doing. That’s all it is. Mistakes are bound to happen and is okay. You learn from them. You all are children after all. I do not care what games you choose to play, only that you follow playground rules. Do not push or shove, and be nice. I am indifferent as to what games you like to play or what sand castles you would like to build. I simply would prefer for you to enjoy what you’re doing. That is what a parent wants for their child. Have fun and learn by doing. If you did not enjoy your day at the playground you tend to come back to daddy and complain. So I tell you to try again another day. That is all this is. Don’t take your beliefs so seriously, it does not define you and certainly should not limit you. It only matters that you have learned what it is I am trying to teach you today. And that differs from child to child. Do you see?

Sam: Thank you, Father.
Sam: Hello John. What is your purpose in this life? Why have you come back in this particular body at this time?

John: I have come back to correct the words that were twisted by harvesting ill will. My words were twisted in order for them to control people. Father’s words were supposed to free people from their shackles, but instead they were used to imprison people. My purpose is simple, to understand the truth. That is the reason why you have always sought for the truths. Your power of deduction is what I wanted in this life. So that I can right the wrongs of the past and rewrite history, and bring back the truth. I am nothing but a scribe of God’s words. I am a keeper of them. I shall not allow my scribing to be mishandled and used for selfish gains. I never intended for the perversion to occur. My true disciples know this and they are here to help me correct the scribing.

Sam: John why have you chosen a completely different culture this time?

John: I am here to revive the world’s most suppressed population through their own ancient wisdom. It matters not what culture it is. Each and every culture has its own unique expression of the truth. They are all “God’s words” expressed in a different way. But all truths nonetheless. Taoism is among the most pure of ancient philosophies. There is much wisdom in it the world can use. There is somewhat of a blending of cultures at this time. It was done so in attempt to erase cultural identity. This is a futile attempt as you cannot erase what is in the bloodlines since the beginning of their time. Therefore, reviving it is easy, simply bring the words up to attention and people will remember. It is in their blood.

Sam: John, are all of the 12 Apostles incarnated here?

John: No, not all. We're not all related and that was simply one lifetime. Each of us has a different path and different lives with different missions. You know me as "john" only because that was the most notable lifetime in recent history. I am on the path of scribing truths here. That is the writer aspect in you, Sam. We are much a like in that sense, for I have never enjoyed the spotlight just like you. We're simply souls that do the background work. But important work nonetheless. I expect great things from you, Sam. This is only the start.

Sam: John, Can you please explain more about the bloodlines and how they work?

John: Each race and culture has its unique signature. Their unique expression in language, art, and wisdom. There is no one culture superior than another. All cultures are expressional aspects of the collective. The diversity adds to the universal expansion. Creativity in humans is a projection of the universal creativity. The bloodlines are what you would call "DNA" and other factors like memories that are passed down to each culture and each sub-group, for example, the family names, clan names, etc, are all combinations of what memories and wisdom you have embedded within your consciousness from birth. Within you these wisdom are specifically inscribed with the frequencies of the culture and sub-culture and its language. So that when you hear a piece of traditional music for instance, it resonates with you. This is the bloodline. It's not the same kind of memory as the memory you can access each day for your basic human functions. These bloodline memories are there as an inner guidance. They are part of your innate intuition. Those born into a specific bloodline has the abilities passed down through their ancestry. They are able to revive their culture's wisdom through channeling their inner intuition. Bloodlines have their own innate abilities as well that you inherit. Each one unique from others. That is roughly how you might think of bloodlines. This is why I say it is futile to attempt to erase the cultural identify, for you are born with it in you, you can only be distracted enough that you have forgotten consciously. But that does not mean you have lost it.

Thank you for the session, father, John.

(Am tired and had to end the session. Will continue on the next best opportunity.)

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