Oct 14, 2020 - Automatic Writing II - Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a land full of riches for everyone to enjoy.
The fields were green, and children ran free.
Then a dark cloud came and hung over the land one day, the joy in people were taken away.
Why was it taken away and how?
It was a simple belief of powerlessness of people and abundance is to be earned.
Thus systems were created surrounding the land, and a game was created for people to obey.
A game of earning abundance through money.

Over time it seems that people mistook their inborn abundance and the abundance of the land for money that fits in a wallet, which used to simply be a means of trade.
Money became the definition of abundance.
Henceforward people started to aim for money instead of joy, and they forgot who they are, and gave all of their power to the system’s gain.
Over time, they drifted further and further away from their homes in search of ways to earn money.
And over time they became more and more afraid of losing money.
So they started to murder, lie, and cheat to gain money.
And created little rigged games to incentivize malicious intents.
Intents beyond the darkness of the system.
Intents for a drift even further away from the light.

Then God got mad and told mankind, it's time to clean up your act, one by one.
To save the land from savage, to save the self from darkness,
So the light can shine upon the land once more, and the dark clouds may disperse.
What it takes is really simple.
Clean up one's conscience through self reflection, and find within a power that once existed, and hold that power and know thyself to be the light.
Then mankind will see that there was never dark clouds that hung above them, it was simply a belief that abundance was not within them.
One simply needs to look outside the window to see the vast green lands that provide for them and their children, and that there is no need to fear, because God is here.

"What is God?" some of you children ask.
And I say simply think of the vast abundance, and the beauties of the world and within, that is the light that permeates through all that exists.
That is God.
God is you, God is me.
God is everybody who can see.
"See what?" You may ask.
See the light within and ye shall become God.
It's as simple as a belief, too, you see.
All that there is are beliefs and perceptions.
Your perception makes up your world, you see?
"So why don't people choose to be gods?" You may say.
Simply because they do not see.
See for your eyes what abundance there be.
You may laugh at how silly this all sounds, but it's true,
For I tell you it's really just you.

You behold the answers of all of your questions.
And your quest is to find out what questions you possess.
And to answer them with your own will in the times to come.
So ask away, let the children speak.
For you are never here to answer my questions alone.
Through the times to come you'll have many questions for me.
But at the end you shall see what I have prepared for thee.

With all my love,

(Note: I (Sam) do not control where the writing goes and how it's written. I record and let the words flow out through me. I may do editing afterwards for format and typos since these words often come out so fast I can only record and record and worry about presentation later. The verse-like formatting is done on my part since often Father's words have rhythms and rhymes, so I try to illustrate this the best I could in formatting.

Some people may ask why doesn't it all perfectly rhyme and here's my understanding so far. Scribing has levels, the better I am able to concentrate I notice the tone, rhythm, and rhyme is more pronounced. Often in my scribing the later parts are better rhymed since I go into the "zone" more and more as I write. I, too am learning how to channel higher and higher frequency writings.

Look at it as a mathematical projection from higher to lower dimensions, the ideas are translated through the scribe/channeler into words in our lower dimension. There are many ways to express an idea in words just like there are many ways to project a shadow onto 2D a 3D object, the shaped depends on the angle of the projection. So the style and quality of the writing also heavily depend on the person channeling through the specific language they are using and how well they concentrate and attune to the message. In this translation/projection, you lose information. It is never "perfect". So the way it is written is the best the scribe can do at the time of receiving the message. And it is translated in this specific scribe's dictionary.

The best analogy I can come up with is if you've ever seen those ghost hunting shows, they have a device that speaks out words, and often there are like 500 words programmed in there that can be chosen. The scribe/channeler is like that device with a limited amount of words and descriptions programmed inside, and each device, based on their own background, has a slightly different set/setting/language, and the higher dimensional beings use the device with its limitations to give a message.

Hopefully this makes sense. I might go into more details of this in a journal entry some day.)

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