Oct 20, 2020 - The Calm Before The Storm

In my journey of uncovering the truths, unraveling rabbit holes after rabbit holes, deciphering one lie after another continuously, I have learned one a pattern true to us all - the learning process is better described as the unlearning process.

We were born with no pre-conceptions of the world other than what was passed down to us in the subconscious through the bloodlines and the knowingness of our core essence. Then we go through life with our parents, family, school, and then society, and thus we are imprinted with a set of beliefs and patterns that we have come to redefine ourselves with, a set of external self-description.

Learning about the truths of this world is not a process of learning more and more of these programs from society, or its catered-history and propaganda on TV, or adding more labels to our set of self description. It is much more a detoxing of oneself of all the programs we were given. In essence, we are born ourselves, but then robbed of our own identities and replaced our identities with a set of external ideas and labels. Therefore, enlightenment is simply a process of remembering who we are by pealing away all the layers of external programs we were subjected to, and to remember that the programming and the rules of our lives do not define us.

More than ever now we need to come to the awareness of who we are and identify what is a label and an external idea and what is something that defines our essence.

I often wonder with so many lies and perceptions in lower frequencies in the human consciousness, how can we collectively detox it all away in a short amount of time. Truly it's a monumental task for us all.

And so the thought lead me to write this journal about the up coming, post-2020 storm. The storm will come at us from all directions. It may be another "pandemic", or a boogieman of some sort that will "threaten our livelihoods", in combination with a massive economic collapse and attempts to socialize everything and take away self and property ownership, or it can simply be riots and massive civil unrest after elections. It may even be a fake alien attack. Who knows. Timelines change but one thing is for sure. Our final enemies are approaching us with their best shot. And what will we choose? Do we choose these fear based programs, or do we choose to eliminate them. The point of all the darkness we will face is bring to attention the disclosures of all the ways we have all been lied to or mis-programmed, all the ways where our foundation is shaky. The storm will be in your households, and reflected out there in society. It will highlight every possible disfunction you have ever had. And will you rise up to your challenge to face your fears and cleanse the world of your piece of the darkness?

Exactly how all the disclosures will come about in every aspect of our lives is not known, which is part of the fun, but be sure that in the next year to 10 years, you'll be learning about lies in health, politics, monetary systems, education, history, science, and more. And more of us will be questioning everything, which was the start of a lot of our awakening journeys in the first place.

But slightly contrary to some other spiritual leaders, I am told this disclosure starts from the self. Since we are physically shifting, people are better able to live their truths and rid the old vibrations naturally. And the mass disclosures are a natural result of this inner disclosure. The toxins will dissolve once people change from within.

2020 is the calm of the storms to come.

If you have been having trouble sleeping, have body aches, and have unexplainable emotions and issues come up, or relationship changes, and have the compulsive feeling to change up your place or connect with someone. Follow the flow. Follow the flow of things and you'll ride the storm out with ease.

Never forget that you are a creator, and ask ye shall be given. Father loves you, you know? And also don't expect a savior to come, because you're it. You are the solution you seek. "Be the pattern for the world you want to live in."

So enjoy the calm before the storm, and don't try to control everything. The best we could do is to hold down our own fort and never give into their fear based programming. Because to those of you reading this blog, you're it. You're the first wave for the great shift. You have the responsibility of holding down the higher frequencies of the collective. Ride the storm. Look at it as your opportunity and not your demise. And victory shall be yours. A golden age is coming. And we're all in it.


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